AVON mark. gel nail polishes and True Colour Supreme Nourishing lipsticks review (and swatches!)


I'm obsessed with new beauty launches, as you all well know, so when I saw that AVON had released a whole bunch of newness, how could I resist!? Lipsticks and Nail Lacquers are my everything - I can't go a day without having my nails painted and my lips perfectly coloured either, which is why  just can't get enough of the new products from AVON!

I picked up 7 of the new True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipsticks and 8 of their new sub-brand's nail polish range 'mark.'. These nail polishes are absolutely incredible - I adore them to pieces.

mark. Gel Shine Nail Enamel

The new mark. nail polishes are very long-lasting and highly pigmented too. I have tried out every single shade from the selection I have and I can safely say that they're all incredible - each shade lasted for at least 7 days, without chipping or cracking!! Amazing, right!? The nail polishes have full coverage with just two coats and there's no need for a top or base coat either. Not only are the formulations amazing, but the packing is so sleek and classy - perfect for your instagram feed! The shades I have are: I Pink I Can (a beautiful pale baby pink), Charcoal Smoke (a super deep charcoal, which isn't too harsh), Very Berry (the perfect berry hue as we transition from summer to autumn), Mauvellous (an even deeper berry hue), Rain Washed (a gorgeous baby blue), Head in the Clouds (the prettiest true grey shade, one of my personal favourites from my haul), Moondust (a cross between blue and grey) and Sweet Pea (a pretty mint hued polish). Another brilliant thing about these nail polishes!? They don't stain your nails! I have battled for so long with various nail polishes.. they usually stain my nails and leave them looking de-hydrated, unhealthy and flaking away, but not these gorgeous Gel Shine polishes by mark. Avon!

True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipsticks

Next up are their gorgeous new lipsticks, these lipsticks are stunning to look at and look absolutely gorgeous on the lips too! These lipsticks don't only look pretty thanks to the swirly marbled pattern, but the swirls of lighter formula aren't actually pigment... the swirls of white formula are in fact moisturiser for your lips.. this isn't all.. the moisturiser is actually INFUSED with Jojoba oil!! I got 7 shades in the new True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick collection, the shades being (in order of the shades swatched below): Conditioning Cherry (a gorgeous deep black cherry hue), Nourishing Pink (a deep pink which has coral undertones), Revitalising Raspberry (an airy pink shade with peach undertones), Coral Caress (a true coral hue), Perfect Pink (the prettiest baby pink that packs a punch of colour), Silky Peach (a gorgeous peach hue, very on-trend) and Loving Lilac (a gorgeous lilac hue with pink undertones - very natural and sheer). As you can tell from the below swatches, each shade is incredibly pigmented and highly nourishing - you can even see just how moisturising they are from the photograph. The lipsticks have a gorgeous sheen to them that doesn't fade nor wear off throughout the day.

From what you've seen above, what do you think of these two gorgeous new ranges from Avon? Which nail polish would be suited best to you? And which lipstick would be your go-to shade? Let me know your thoughts below...

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  1. ooooooh, those nourishing lipsticks look ideal! i always find lipstick dries my lips out so i am allllll about that moisturising element. such a cute lil bonus that the colours are so nice too.

    katie xx. lacoconoire.com

    1. Yes, very true! Love them so much. Thanks for reading, babe! - Mollie xx

  2. The nail polishes are so pretty and perfect for summer! I need to pick up some to try myself :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  3. AVON makeup is actually really good, isn't it?! I love the look of those lipsticks, they look super nourishing! :)


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