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Blank Canvas Cosmetics are a brand I have seen splashed all over Instagram just recently. Highly photogenic results and gorgeous packaging, this brand isn't widely known in England and I only discovered it around three months ago myself! I am sure you're going to fall in love with this brand just as much as me, as I think it's honestly amazing...

Widely known in Ireland, Blank Canvas Cosmetics are a pretty big deal over there and I can definitely see why. I hadn't heard of them until I started seeing other Bloggers purchasing and reviewing palettes and brushes from them - I just had to see what the hype was all about. So here I am, reviewing Pippa O'Connor's Collaboration Palette and Blank Canvas' F20 Multi Purpose Face Brush.

Blank Canvas' Philosophy is simple - They see the face as a blank canvas with endless possibilities, which is why the create and formulate the most innovative and professional quality makeup with an affordable price tag, which is why this brand is so accessible and incredibly addictive.

Pippa For Blank Canvas Cosmetics Eye & Face Palette | £29.36

I'm not usually one for combined face and eye palettes but this palette has completely converted me. In collaboration with Irish Businesswoman Pippa O'Connor, this gorgeous palette comprises of six gorgeously natural eyeshadow shades and three lovely face shades which allow you to highlight, blush and contour. Encased in beautiful peach toned packaging, this palette is girly, pretty and perfect for any busy woman whom is always on the go. This palette is the perfect all-in-one as it allows you to carry it around in your handbag with ease. The eyeshadow shades are truly amazing - incredibly pigmented, buttery and blendable, the shades from left to right are as follows: K.D, a matte black which is both deep but not harsh; DODO, a matte brown with rust undertones; SUSU, a pretty beige with orange undertones, perfect as a transitioning crease shade; TOBI, a beautiful peach toned shade with would look beautiful on the outer v; OLLIE, a subtle matte peach, slightly lighter than the previous shade and perfect for a base shade and finally, LILY, the lightest shade in the palette, perfect for blending and layering underneath a metallic shade or glitter. There's three face shades within the palette, which are as follows: LULU, a shimmering highlighter with a peach undertone; PIPSY, a gorgeous pink blush and AMOUR, a light brown contour shade which is perfect for your cheek bones.

Blank Canvas F20 Flat Buffer in Hot Pink | £12.48

Flat buffing brushes are my absolute favourite for applying liquid or baked cream foundations. You use this style of brush in the same way as you would a stippling brush. Simply apply your foundation to the back of your hand or blob dabs over your face (try to avoid applying liquid foundation directly to the brush as it can clog it up) and then just stipple away! Be sure not to use this brush in a circular motion as it can cause it more harm than good - stippling is the best motion for both your skin and the brush itself. This beautiful brush comprises of a beautiful hot pink handle with a shiny gold ferrule and the Blank Canvas logo covering two areas. Not only do the bristles not shed, but this brush looks beautiful too AND would look amazing on your dressing table!

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are now one of my favourite brands for eyeshadow as their shadows are SUPER pigmented, INCREDIBLY buttery and EASILY blended. I'd definitely like to try out their gorgeous matte 'Master Series Palette One' eyeshadow palette as it looks GORGEOUS!

Have you ever tried anything from Blank Canvas Cosmetics? What do you think of the look of the above products?

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