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No7 is a brand that is incredibly popular here in the UK, it's a brand that I have known of all of my life and a brand I have always loved. No7 is a brand that originally started out as a skincare brand, created by Jesse Boot the son of John Boot (who was the founder and creator of Boots UK). No7 was created as Boots' first own brand in 1935 and only consisted of a selection of 11 skincare products. As the popularity of Boots' own brand - No7 - grew and grew, they then introduced cosmetics and makeup to the brand in 1937 and since then, there's been no stopping them!

No7 was one of the first brands I really purchased any makeup from when I first started using makeup back in 2010. No7 was and still is a brand that's loved by many and bought by thousands - my entire family trusted and used No7, so it just seemed natural to go with the flow. I used No7 products along with makeup from Primark, Seventeen and Natural Collection for a couple of years before then discovering other brands such as MAC, Makeup Revolution, Urban Decay and Morphe. I kind of stopped using No7 due to the colossal variety that was easily accessible and I was at the forefront of.

A few weeks ago I started using some new products by No7 again and it's safe to say that I have been missing out.. BIG TIME. We get so carried away with all of these massive brands out there, that we end up forgetting what's right on our doorsteps and deep in our hearts.

Moisture Drench Lipstick in 'Spiced Latte'

RRP: £9.95

Finding the perfect nude lipstick can be tough job, but somebody's got to do it! I have officially found THE perfect nude lipstick. I know matte lipsticks are ALL of the rage these days but they can really dry out your lips and make them feel sore, rough and dehydrated. If you're looking for a hydrated pout in the perfect nude hue, look no further girlfriend! Matte lipsticks are all well and good but as Winter approaches us and our lips become chapped, moisture is key and that's where this lipstick comes into play. No7's Moisture Drench lipstick hydrates, moisturises and even prevents your lips from becoming dry and chapped. Not only does this multi-tasking lippy keep your lips in tip-top condition for the colder months, but it delivers and achieves the most gorgeous nude lip that you ever did see!! A depthy and warm nude that's far from the dreaded 'foundation lips' - this fabulous warm nude will give you that MUST HAVE lip look without the dryness of matte lipsticks.

Stay Perfect Gel Eyeliner 

RRP: £8.50
I had never used an eyeliner in this way before. I had always wanted to try gel eyeliner in a pot but was always way too scared as I thought it would just go terribly wrong and look awful on me but oh boy, was I wrong! For years I had been using liquid eyeliner in the style of a felt-tip pen, I always thought that this application was the best I could possibly get and the best way I could ever achieve a perfect cat-eye flick. Just a few days before trying out this new concept, I started to tire of my usual way of applying liquid eyeliner as I found it wasn't applying as well as usual. Upon first impressions of this incredible Gel Eyeliner I was very dubious as I unscrewed the lid, as this whole concept was alien to me, I then grabbed my Crown Brush Eyeliner brush and decided to take the plunge - I dabbed and dipped my brush into the eyeliner pot and then applied the eyeliner as I usually do and honestly, it was SO much easier than expected and so much more seamless than my usual eyeliner! I was utterly in awe at this fabulous eyeliner - the pigment is perfect, the application is like nothing I have ever used, the formula is long-lasting and will last all day long, the packaging is sleek and chic and the overall product is just amazing.

These products that I have tried from No7 have really re-vamped my love for No7 makeup. Sometimes it's good to stick to brands you know rather than hopping to different brands that you might not particularly love as much as the first brands you know and loved. These two products are now staple pieces within my ever-growing makeup collection. I will definitely be re-purchasing these two products when they've run out and I definitely want to try some more of No7's makeup in the near future as I have a feeling it's going to be my new obsession!!

Have you ever tried makeup from No7? Did you love this brand when you were younger or do you love it now? Let me know as I adore hearing from you all!

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