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Soap is something everybody uses every day. It's a necessity to maintain cleanliness. Although it's a necessity, this doesn't mean it can't be luxurious. Feeling pampered and smelling gorgeous are two things I adore and two things that can be achieved by using the right things. Bars of soap these days are totally underrated. They can been seen as unhygienic (I personally don't agree with them on a sink when they're used as a communal hand soap) but if you have one bar per person for bathing, that is perfectly fine in my eyes. But nonetheless, soap is incredible and totally underrated. Organic beauty products mean such a lot to me, so today I will be sharing with you all, my rather large soap haul. In this haul I have 3 bars of GKNC soap and 2 bars of Trevarno Soap.

GK Natural Creations Soap

RRP: From £3.95-£4.00
In this fabulous bundle of GK Natural Creations soaps, I have a bar of Peppermint Soap, Coffee Scrub Soap and Silky Roses Soap. Peppermint is a fragrance I adore for bathing, it just feels opulent, highly refreshing and incredibly rejuvenating too. If you're looking to feel deeply cleansed, throughly revived and awoken; then the Peppermint Soap by GKNC is for you. Not only is this soap perfect for reviving your entire body in the morning, but it's GREAT as a facial soap if you have spot prone/oil prone skin. It contains charcoal and clay - two ingredients which cleanse and draw out impurities from the pores of your skin. The Coffee Scrub Soap is also incredible. If you are in need of an exfoliation, the elimination of cellulite or you just need a good form of prep for self-tanning, this soap is for you. The scent of this soap is delicious and smells just like a creamy latte - perfect for early morning, but be sure not to eat this!! The Silky Roses Soap is DIVINE. I am a sucker for rose scented beauty products, soaps and candles. I adore the scent of roses; I mean, who doesn't? This soap is a gorgeous pearlescent pink, it smells divine, looks beautiful and leaves your body smelling clean, fresh and incredibly floral. 

Trevarno Soaps 

RRP: £4 (per single soap)
Trevarno Soaps are all hand-made in Trevarno, Cornwall to the highest possible quality. Trevarno are a brand which formulate the most incredible skincare products to treat skin concerns and improve your skins overall being. I have two amazing soaps by Trevarno - Propolis and Lavender & Geranium. The Propolis soap is highly opulent and incredibly soothing. In the past I have used Propolis gel by a brand named SBC. Their Propolis gel worked wonders on my acne and spot prone skin and since then, I have adored and longed for more products containing this miracle ingredient. The fact that this soap contains propolis and tea-tree means this soap is the perfect all-rounder and is even more perfect for clearing up your skin, treating acne and other skin concerns. Propolis is what Bees make and use to protect their Bee Hives from any bacteria - this means it's FABULOUS for protecting our delicate and sensitive skin! (LoveLula currently do not have the propolis soap in stock but it's available in a set of Trevarno soaps for £19, click here) The Lavender & Geranium is oh so floral and oh so beautiful. If you like delicately scented floral beauty products, then this soap is for you. Another soap that doubles up as a facial skincare soap - this fabulously floral scented soap ALSO treats acne! It's formulated to clear up sebum and oil, therefore eliminated particles that could form spots, angry blemishes and contribute to existing acne.

These soaps from LoveLula are incredible and I utterly adore them - they are beautiful, organic and oh-so luxurious. They are also super affordable and will suit anyones budget!

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