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I adore all things sparkly. Sparkly home decor, sparkly clothing, sparkly nail polish and of course.. sparkly makeup! I mean, who doesn't love glitter!? I adore glitter so much and I adore wearing glitter even more but it can be so so difficult to find the perfect kind of glitter to wear on your eyes due to the sensitivity of them.. this is where GlitterEyes comes into play..

We all watch those Instagram famous makeup artists on Insta, Twitter and YouTube and I can bet you that you probably wonder where on earth they get that gorgeous glitter that they apply to their perfectly blended eyeshadow; I know I used to before discovering GlitterEyes. I had always lusted over, wanted and needed that gorgeous glitter that they use and I am so happy now, as I have some of my own.

GlitterEyes are a fabulous company that specialise in pressed glitters, shimmer pigments, loose glitters and glitter fixing fluids. They stock an array of colours, textures and colour-pay-offs - there really is something to suit everybody!

I got some AMAZING products from GlitterEyes and I can't wait to share my thoughts on them all with you. I got a gorgeous trio named 'CappuccinoTrio' which comprises of 2 gorgeous ShimmerEyes pigments plus a fabulous GlitterEyes Pressed Glitter in the most opulently pigmented glittery gold that I have ever set my eyes on. This fabulous combo of ShimmerEyes and GlitterEyes retails at £13.99. I also got a gorgeous single GlitterEyes Pressed Glitter in the most beautiful iridescent pigment named 'MoonFlower' - This fabulous holographic pressed glitter is fabulous worn alone with a touch of mascara for a simple and chic look, or it looks super glamorous layered over the top of a full on glam eyeshadow look. The single pressed GlitterEyes retail at £5.99. I also got 3 fabulous PressedGlitter Mini pans in the shades 'UnicornWings', 'Glistening Azure' and 'Mocha Shine' - The Unicorn Wings is a beautiful pink toned glitter with a purple/lilac shift which I adore using alone with no eyeshadow beneath. 'GlisteningAzure' is SO beautiful. If you're looking for an electric blue eye look which turns heads and looks bright, vivid and bold, then this pressed glitter is for you. It has a slight green shift so can be worn with blue or green kohl liner on the lower lash line (This is my favourite way to wear this! Especially when I use the NYX Azure Kohl Liner!). 'MochaShine' is probably my favourite glitter ever!? It's just FLAWLESS. A gorgeous brown toned bronze which is highly pigmented, blendable and looks amazing with a matte brown/beige eyeshadow look. The Mini Pressed GlitterEyes retail at £3.99. I adore applying the pressed glitters in the centre of my eye makeup as it adds depth and shine which is SO enviable and highly Instagrammable! Lastly I have a FABULOUS loose glitter which comes complete with the GlitterFix liquid. I have this gorgeous loose GlitterEyes Kit in the shade 'ShimmeringSand', which is a gorgeously pigmented, highly shiny gold - it's just incredible. Simply dip the brush in the glitter fix liquid before dipping it in the glitter and then apply to the eye lid, lash line or inner corners! This glitter looks flawless as an eyeliner too! The GlitterEyes GlitterKits retail at £12.99.

CappuccinoTrio (2xShimmerEyes 1xGlitterEyes') - £13.99
Single GlitterEyes Pressed Glitter in 'MoonFlower' - £5.99
Mini GlitterEyes Pressed Glitters 'UnicornWings', 'MochaShine' and 'GlisteningAzure' - £3.99
GlitterEyes Loose GlitterKit in 'ShimmeringSand' - £12.99
From L-R: 'CappuccinoTrio' Glitter, Shimmer, Shimmer, 'GlitterKit' Loose Glitter in 'ShimmeringSand', Single Pressed Glitter in 'MoonFlower',  Mini Pressed Glitters in 'MochaShine', 'GlisteningAzure' and 'UnicornWings'.
These fabulous glitters and shimmers by GlitterEyes are truly incredible. Before getting these and trying them out; I had NEVER used pressed OR loose glitters on my eyes despite lusting over them on Instagram for AGES! I highly recommend GlitterEyes because their glitters are of an incredibly high standard and quality, they stay in place on your eye lid ALL DAY LONG without creasing, moving or transferring to your lashes or skin and the glitter doesn't irritate your eyes. So many makeup artists and YouTubers use glitter when doing their makeup and so many of us really want to achieve similar looks but are unsure how to - NOT ANY MORE. You need to head over to and order some of their INCREDIBLE glitters and shimmers; you WILL NOT regret a thing.

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  1. These look so gorgeous and soon pigmented :D I love it!!

    xx SofiaaDot

  2. How pretty are these! I'm such a sucker for glitter! x

  3. These are gorgeous! I need to look out for these x

  4. I never received my goods and I've emailed them and they haven't got back to me after saying the would within 48 hours and I ordered my eyeshadow about a month ago now!

    Not impressed


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