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BARDOU are a brand which specialises in luxury haircare and cosmetics, they are a brand that are adored by high profiled celebrities, social media stars and bloggers too. If you're looking for A-Lister results - look no further, you're about to fall in love.

BARDOU originally started out as a chic hair salon in the heart of central London. Co-founded by Charrlotte De'Davis, BARDOU is a highly successful and popular salon and now haircare brand. Believing that everybody at home can have great hair with the right tools, BARDOU created an at-home haircare range to ensure everybody can achieve the perfect blow-out, hair-do and hair style. I was sent two of their products to review for you all and it's safe to say I am totally and utterly in love.

Immaculate Spray - Dry Shampoo

RRP: £12.00
I usually wash my hair every single night or morning - which can get very tiring and repetitive, especially when you're in a rush (or oversleep) so this is where the Immaculate Spray comes into play. Dry Shampoo usually has a powdery and dusty finish, but not BARDOU's Dry Shampoo. Glossy - not greasy and highly luxurious, this gorgeous Dry Shampoo is enriched with natural Keratin to ensure your luscious locks are getting nutrients whilst getting refreshed. With a divine fragrance, BARDOU's Immaculate Spray is a definitive lifesaver and I honestly couldn't be without it. Usually after using a dry shampoo my hair can feel flat and limp but after using BARDOU's Dry Shampoo my hair felt volumised, luscious, refreshed and BIG!

Finishing Mist - Hairspray 

RRP: £10.00
Many of the hairsprays that I have used in the past carry an awful chemical like scent, but not BARDOU. Sophisticated and uplifting, this hairspray is something I don't mind spraying on my hair and smelling every now and again throughout the day. I'm not usually as massive hairspray user, probably because in the past I have found them to dry out and de-hydrate my hair as well as making my hair shell-like, super hard, sticky and stiff. BARDOU's Finishing Mist is a gorgeous mist that ensures your hair shines instead of being stiff. The Finishing Mist by BARDOU is another of their products which is enriched with natural Keratin so ensures your hair is being cared for at the same time as styling it - yay, two birds with one stone and all. Whether you're looking to create a sleek ponytail that stays in place all day, a poker straight down-do or a simple top-knot - BARDOU's Finishing Mist will keep your hair intact for the entire day and beyond, feed your hair Keratin to ensure your hair is getting nourishment throughout the day and leave your hair with a sophisticated scent that isn't chemically or false. 

BARDOU's products are incredible and are definitely some of the best haircare/styling products I have ever tried. I love many things about BARDOU - their products are made in the UK (something I care about very strongly), their products are innovative and unique, their packaging is sleek and stylish, their products are SLS and cruelty free and they sell a wide range of products to suit everybody's needs and desires. 

The lovely people at BARDOU gave me a discount code for all of my followers to use so make sure that you use it to receive 10% off of your order! >>>> MOLLIEQ10 <<<<

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  1. I have never heard about this brand but the products sound wonderful. It's great to here that this hairspray does not have a horrible chemical scent!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. I've never tried any product like this, and did not know about the brand. Nice post! kiss^^

    Giveaway Back to School | Patsilvarte

  3. Ive never tried any of these products! I hate hairsprays that smell horrible! Thank you for sharing Mollie!!

    Darriyan♡ |


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