Beauty | Urban Decay Vice XX Reloaded LTD Palette + Primer Potion Review


Urban Decay - a brand known and loved by thousands, upon thousands, upon hundreds of thousands. Urban Decay turned 20 this year and to celebrate this incredible milestone, they released a fabulously sassy and fierce eyeshadow palette in celebration of twenty years of being Urban Decay. The UD XX Vice Ltd. Reloaded Palette is THE best palette I have ever used in my entire life. Keep reading for more info and swatches of every gorgeous colour.

As a complete Urban Decay virgin (I had tried products of theirs in the past but had never actually owned full-sized products prior to these), I was so stoked to receive this palette super close to my 19th birthday - I actually cried with happiness. I had always wanted to try Urban Decay products prior to trying this fabulous palette but I just never got the chance to, I hadn't (and still haven't) even tried the NAKED Palettes, which I totally and utterly need, ASAP!! Anyway, the UD XX Vice Ltd. Reloaded palette contains some of Urban Decay's latest and greatest eyeshadow shades. Some of their very first eyeshadow shades such as GASH, Acid Rain and UV-B are all featured in this bloomin' beautiful palette to commemorate Urban Decay's 20th Birthday and it's safe to say I adore each and every shade in this palette, even the shades I was dubious about wearing at first.

Top Row Shades

From right to left the below swatches show; Suspend, Oil Slick, Roadstripe, Gash and Midnight Cowboy. 
Suspend is a gorgeous matte brown shade that is perfect for the outer v, crease or as a transitioning shade. Oil Slick is one of the prettiest matte glitter black shades I have ever seen, perfectly matte with a hint of micro-glitter, this black is perfect for a glamorous smokey eye! Roadstripe is the most gorgeous white toned shade I have ever set my eyes on - it's iridescent which means it shimmers like a unicorn and catches the light so perfectly. Gash is the perfect bricky red shade that can create a beautiful and edgy rust toned eye look. Midnight Cowboy HAS to be one of my favourite shades, a gorgeous pink toned champagne with a taupe undertones and a glimmer to die for, this fabulous neutral is a definite everyday shadow for me.

Second Row Shades

From right to left the below swatches show; 501, Shallow, Laced, Hot Pants and Mildew.
501 is a beautiful metallic blue which is quite deep and dark with added gold toned copper glitter. Shallow is a pale taupe toned silver metallic which is super creamy, soft and shimmery. Laced is the perfect pink toned neutral matte which looks incredible with Midnight Cowboy (featured above). Hot Pants is honestly the prettiest pink shade I have ever used. I usually steer away from pink eyeshadows but after using this, I have totally fallen in love with pink eye looks. Hot Pants is a beautiful shimmery metallic yet pearlescent pink that isn't too brash but still super pigmented. Mildew is a beautiful green metallic eyeshadow which I love a lot and looks perfect teamed with black shades, gold shades and deeper greens too. 

Third Row Shades

From right to left the below swatches show; Smog, Misdemeanour, Freakshow, Asphyxia and Acid Rain. This row HAS to be my favourite row from this palette as it's unmistakably Urban Decay - everything about the combination of these 5 shades just screams UD - do you agree? The first shade (on the right) is Smog, this is the prettiest and most glamorous coppery gold bronzy shimmer which looks great in the crease of the lid and graduated outwards and to the outer V. Misdemeanour is a super pigmented olive green toned matte shade with green micro glitter throughout. Freakshow is an almost iridescent purple shimmery satin which I adore alone or teamed with Asphyxia, which is a super iridescent lilac with a slight blue undertone/shift. Acid Rain is the most beautiful yellow toned green with a deeper green undertone that teams so well with Mildew from the row above.

Forth Row Shades

From right to left the below swatches show; Moonflower, UV-B, Goldmine, Twice Baked and Anonymous. Moonflower has to be one of my favourite nude shades from this palette, it's very neutral and highly classy. I adore how pretty it looks when the light catches it. It's a beautiful rose gold which screams elgance and class. I honestly cannot get enough of Moonflower. Next up is UV-B - OH MY GOSH. THIS SHADE IS EVERYTHING. Another shade that has an iridescent vibe, UV-B is a beautiful blue toned violet shade which just looks beautiful alone or teamed with 501 from the top row of shades. I adore wearing UV-B teamed with a beautiful bright pink lip (Firebird by UD is a winner). If you're looking for gold... Goldmine is what you need. Goldmine is the most beautiful bright, vivid, bold and super metallic gold. Brighter than the sun, the stars and the moon, Goldmine is a show-stopping shade that ensures you glow all day (or night) long! Twice Baked is the most beautiful deep brown I have ever used. Usually deep browns are too powdery, don't blend well and can look harsh and caked on - but not Twice Baked. Super blendable and highly pigmented, Twice Baked also boasts of micro glitter in a fabulous shimmering gold! Anonymous is a perfect base shade. Peachy, pale and matte, this fabulously versatile shade will ensure you get full colour pay off from any shade you use on top of or beside.

My overall thoughts on the Urban Decay VICE XX RELOADED LTD Palette are so positive. Each shade is highly pigmented, has an incredible colour pay off, stays in place for hours, doesn't fade or crease throughout the day and turns the heads of everybody you pass in the street. This palette is my everything - it's my baby and I love it with all of my heart. It retails at £43 (which I think is an incredible price for the amount of colours + the versatility of them all too) and it's available from Urban Decay's Website.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in 'Anti-Aging' 

After trying out different branded eyeshadow primers in the past, I had lost all hope with them as they didn't do what they stated. I had always wanted a primer that worked - I mean, who doesn't? It's the most annoying this on this planet when your eyeshadow slips, smudges, creases and doesn't stay in place all day. Sometimes we need our makeup to last 12 hours or more, especially our eye makeup.. this is where this magical potion comes into play.... Urban Decay's Primer Potion. This primer is definitely my most favourite base product in the whole wide world. Having never tried this before, I was beyond excited. I couldn't wait to try this out. Upon trying this product, I was dubious, excited and just couldn't wait to see how well it worked. The first time I tried this, I used an eyeshadow palette that isn't high end and doesn't cost much - just so I could see how well this primer worked. The eyeshadow combo I used was a combo I rarely wore as it just didn't stay. After 2 hours, my eye makeup was still flawless.. 4 hours? Still flawless.. 6 hours? Still flawless.. 10 hours? Still flawless.. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? THIS PRIMER POTION IS MAGIC!!! This magical primer can hold even the cheapest eyeshadow in place ALL DAY LONG. I can't recommend this product enough. I adore using this primer alongside the Vice XX Palette as it ensures the colour pay off is extra vivid and bright, PLUS is keeps the eyeshadow in place all day and all night - perfect if you're hitting the town straight after college, uni or work. I honestly adore this product with all of my heart, it's actually INCREDIBLE, it's sorcery, it's magic - it's everything a makeup obsessed guy or gal could ever wish for!

After trying these products, Urban Decay has shot to the top of my favourite makeup brand list - it really has. I cannot get enough of their eyeshadows, primers and of course their amazing lipsticks (I wrote a full review on their VICE lipsticks, check it out here). I had never delved deep into the world of Urban Decay before now and I am so glad that I have. My review couldn't be any more positive if I tried, I just think this brand is so damn incredible and if you haven't tried anything from them before, or have only tried one or two products, YOU NEED TO TRY MORE!! You won't regret it, you honestly won't. I now have multiple products of their on my wishlist.. other than EVERYTHING.. I obviously need the Naked Palettes, the dreamy, sparkly and beautiful Moon Dust Palette and their new Naked Ultimate Basics Palette which looks so damn gorgeous. 

What are your favourite Urban Decay products? What's on your wishlist/lustlist? Let me know below!

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  1. This looks amazing, I love urban decay :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. I am guilty of not owning a single thing from Urban Decay. I find this brand to be a little expensive for me, however, I read only amazing things about their products :)


    1. I always thought they were way too expensive but trying these specific products have completely changed my mind. I now need so much from them - the quality is beyond incredible! - Mollie xxx

  3. The shadows are so pigmented and pretty - UD always seem to get it right with eyeshadow :)
    Ambar x | Her Little Loves
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    1. They are SO pigmented! I adore each colour so much! - Mollie xxx

  4. I actually haven't tried anything for Urban Decay, but their shadows look so pretty! <3


    1. You need to try something from them ASAP!!! Their products are incredible, especially their eyeshadows! - Mollie xxx

  5. Great review, love it :)
    My favorite Urban Decay product is definitely the naked 2 palette <3

    What about following each other? :)

    Caro x

    1. Thank you so much! I need to try ALL of the Naked Palettes ASAP! - Mollie xxx

  6. This palette looks lovely! It includes some of my favourite eyeshadow shades but I do find some of the others to be too colourful for me

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. It's an incredible palette. Although the shades do look a little too bright and colourful - they are in fact utterly gorgeous once applied to the eye lid! I adore the colourful shades so much now, even though I was ever so slightly dubious to begin with! - Mollie xxx


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