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Ahhh, Bathtime, possibly my favourite time of the day. I'm one of those girls who has two baths a day religiously but my evening bath is always my pampering session, who's with me!? And during this pamper session I love to use products that ensure I smell gorgeous and delectable and I have found the only way I can achieve this is by having a little help from Patisserie de Bain...

Smelling nice is one of the most important things. Smelling nice ensures we feel confident in ourselves and around other people. When bathing it's important to feel relaxed and gorgeous so what better way to pamper than to use Patisserie de Bain's gorgeous and sweet smelling products? Patisserie de Bain have created a range of products with a large array of different fragrances, from Sweet as Cherry Pie to Sugared Violet and Lemon Bon Bon to Strawberry Cupcake, the list is ongoing and oh so delicious. Not only is the product itself absolutely gorgeous but the packaging is beyond cute and appeals to every girl who is obsessed with pampering. 

Today I'll be reviewing 5 incredible products by Patisserie de Bain. 5 products that will make you want to run a nice hot bubble bath, pamper and relax. 

Orange Crush Bath and Shower Créme

RRP: £3.99
A gorgeous citrus scented bath and shower créme that revives both your senses and bathtime. This bathing accompaniment is perfect for the morning as it wakes you up, revives your senses and ensures you feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead. I adore citrus scented bathing products so this product is perfect for me. Not only does it smell absolutely divine, but this product soothe my skin and ensures it feels moisturised and softened.

Strawberry Cupcake Hand and Body Lotion

RRP: £4.99
Another beautifully scented product is this gorgeous hand and body lotion in the scent of Strawberry Cupcake. This scented lotion has a true to life scent that's very delicate, sugary and sweet. Softening and highly hydrating to the skin, this lotion is unlike anything I have ever tried before - delectably scented, a smooth creamy texture and a hydrating outcome. I love using this when I've had a nice hot bubble bath and patted my skin dry, this way, my skin feels even more hydrated as the lotion locks in any moisture and ensures it feels silky smooth.

Cranberries and Cream Hand Cream

RRP: £3.99
This scented hand cream is absolutely divine. The perfect size to fit in any bag whether it be for work, school, college or day-today, this hand cream is a must have for absolutely anyone who wants a little bit of luxury on a daily basis. Get soft and sweet smelling hands in an instant with this handy sized hand cream. This little tube of hand cream will always have a place in my handbag as it's convenient and as we're coming up to the A/W here in the UK, my hands always become parched, so this is THE perfect product for me!

Violet Bath Melt

RRP: £3.00
Parma Violets HAVE to be one of my favourite sweets EVER. They are undoubtably gorgeous, memorable and have a distinctive scent that everybody can recognise. This gorgeous individual bath melt by Patisserie de Bain is absolutely flawless in every sense of the word. Like the other products, this bath melt has a true to life scent which smells exactly the same as the sweets we all know and love. This bath melt is also super moisturising and leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and smelling delicious. I drop the melt underneath running water and watch it swirl around in the bath water before leaving the most gorgeous scented water for me to bathe in. 

Sweet as Cherry Pie Tartlettes 

RRP: £7.00
Cherry is definitely one of my most favourite scents in the world. Refreshing, fruity and vibrant, this gorgeous duo of bath fizzing tartlettes are absolutely incredible and oh so delectable! These are definitely good enough to eat but please don't! Pop one of these gorgeous handmade bath fizzers into the bath for a bathing experience to remember. Packed full of cherry scented deliciousness, this duo of bath fizzers are beyond perfect for a pampering session or at the end of the day for a stress relieving bath. When not in use, these bath tartlettes look absolutely gorgeous sat on a cake stand in your bathroom, I adore doing this as it leaves a delicious scent throughout the bathroom plus it looks extra pretty!

Patisserie de Bain is the perfect brand if you love sweet smelling bathing accompaniments that look chic and pretty, smell delectable and help you to achieve smooth and silky skin. This brand is such a great brand for making yourself smell exquisite, making your bathroom look exquisite and buying for your friends to make their Birthday or Christmas exquisite. Patisserie de Bain really is an incredible brand and I totally recommend them to absolutely anybody looking for a new and beautiful brand to love and stock up on.

Patisserie de Bain is available directly from their official website and Superdrug

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  1. Loved this! Those pie tartelettes look so damn cute x

    Sofia |

  2. This all looks so cute! I love the pastel shades of the packaging ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. It's all absolutely incredible! So adorable too! - Mollie xxx


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