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Valentine's Day is approaching. It won't be long until you lavish your lover in gifts.. oh, you don't know what to buy him or her? Fear not. I am here to make this Valentine's Day the most loved up ever and with these gorgeous gifts, you won't go wrong.

Whether you are in a relationship and looking to treat your other half this Valentine's Day or you're like me, lonesome and single - there's something in this gift guide for absolutely everybody, even your cat.

The classic gesture

The most gorgeous gift that means so much more than an expensive necklace (in some cases). This gorgeous bouquet of roses and freesias from Marks and Spencer is the most gorgeous gesture imaginable. It retails at £45 - which is a very small amount of money to show somebody just how much you care. This gorgeous bouquet is sure to make him or her beam with love, happiness and light. Buy it here.

The must have dress for Valentine's Date Night

This gorgeous must have dress, that's super sexy and girly, is a definite gift for your girl. She will LOVE you for buying her this, taking her out to a romantic dinner and lavishing her with red roses. It's only £40 from River Island, so it won't break the bank either, win-win. Buy it here.

Sweet loving

Everybody loves DIPTYQUE. Especially when their candles look this photogenic and simply exquisite. This gorgeous 'Rosaviola' candle has a rose based scent and your girl will be overjoyed with this sweet smelling gesture. It retails at £47 ($67) and is available from Blue Mercury, just click here.

Sentimental and sweet

For those lovers whom know they are in love and feel as though they don't need to be lavished in expensive gifts and trinkets, this simple yet sweet, sentimental card from Not on the Highstreet, is the sweetest most adorable card out there, it's unique, it's special and it's only £3.75 - you can buy it here.

The edible gesture

Boomf Marshmallows, your memories in the form of a delicious, squishy and squashy marshmallow. A really sweet and fun gift for your loved one that's quirky and unique. I totally adore this idea, especially for special occasions like Valentine's Day! Buy these squashy, yummy marshmallows by clicking here.

For the fashionable guy in your life

JORD watches are such a perfect brand, for both women and men. If you have that high maintenance, fashion loving fella in your life, then JORD watches is where you need to be. Their Red Carbon and Dark Sandalwood Delmar Watch is perfect for both men and women, but men are more likely to love this watch, due to the chunky strap and bold, big face. Get the Delmar here.

For your precious princess

For that pretty and precious princess in your life, Pandora have the most perfect gift, that will keep on giving forever. Their 'Tiara Ring' is highly adored by girls worldwide. It's special and will definitely serve its purpose, it will ensure that your girl feels like a princess whenever she wears this. For a small £40, this gorgeous gesture will make your girl beam with happiness. Buy it here.

Tea + You + Me = L.O.V.E.

I love tea as much as the next person, your other half most likely does too, so why not give him or her, the gift of endless cups of tea with a personalised touch, your names. If you decide to get this for him or her, YOU have to make every single cup of tea or coffee that goes inside, it's only fair. A gorgeous mug PLUS as many cups of tea or coffee as you like, FOREVER. It's £12.50 from Not on the Highstreet - get it here.

For your cat

So, yeah. I am kinda that girl, the crazy cat lady girl who doesn't (hasn't ever) have a Valentine's Day partner, so yeah, I'll be spending it with my cat, as per. This is what I would get him to show him just how much I care. If you're like me, a crazy cat lady with no love interests, then get this for your cat and your cat will re-pay you with cuddles, nibbles, kneading and purrs. Buy these cute af catnip toys for your little furbaby here

I hope this gift guide has inspired you to get something simply exquisite for your other half. Just remember, your gesture doesn't need to cost the earth for your lover or significant other to love you forever. I hope you all have a truly romantic Valentine's Day! If you're like me and will be spending it with your cat, dog or family, have a lovely time and make sure you've got loads of ice cream in the freezer!!

* Disclaimer: All images are sourced from the clickable links below the image. No copyright intended.

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