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I'm Mollie Quirk, a 19-year-old beauty obsessed, lipstick hoarding, coffee drinking, fashionista who decided to start a blog way back when in 2013. I love writing, fashion, beauty and photography - so why not combine all of my loves into this one massive thing that I can use as my outlet!? This blog is a place where I can rant about things, express my deepest thoughts and feelings and most importantly review new beauty products and upcoming fashion collections. 

So, what will you find on my blog? You'll find a whole host of posts covering the latest in beauty and makeup, you'll find analysis' of the latest high-end fashion collections, you'll find relatable posts relating to life in general, body positivity, how-tos and makeup tutorials too! I basically throw everything I love into this one space and I really hope you love it as much as I do. I'm aspiring to be a fashion and beauty journalist and will hopefully heading off to the University of Brighton to study journalism in September. I'm so incredibly excited to embark upon this new journey in my life!



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