Two skincare collections for the colder months

As you're all well aware, I adore taking care of my skin. And there's no better time to steam into skincare than the transitional period from autumn to winter. I love nothing more than trying a new regime (or two). Within this post you'll discover two amazing skincare collections – both collections are personal favourites of mine, but for completely different reasons...

Two of my favourite skincare brands are Philosophy and L'Occitane – both brands are amazing, and I cannot praise them enough. Innovative, different, amazing results – the list goes on! I've been getting stuck into two skincare collections, one from each of the above mentioned brands. Keep reading to see how I got on with them, and to see which one would suit your skin best.

L'Occitane Immortelle Skincare Collection

I've been using and adoring four products from the L'Occitane Immortelle Skincare Collection, and I can honestly say that they've greatly improved my skin. The entire collection works so well when each of the projects are used in conjunction with each other, and they work well even singularly too. 

The four products that I've been using from the Immortelle collection are: the Enriched Water (which is very similar to an essence, and perfect to use as a moisturising toner); the Precious Cleansing Foam (which is an opulent, and luxurious foam cleanser that refreshes and rejuvenates the skin); the Milk Make-Up Remover (which removes every ounce of makeup in one simple step); and the Precious Cream (which is an opulent, and incredibly rich cream that comforts, soothes, and renews the skin).

I use this collection as a daily ritual, because the benefits that come from using it in this way are so perfect for this time of the year. The Immortelle collection from L'Occitane is perfect for skin that needs a little extra comfort, a little extra TLC, and a little extra hydration. I adore using these four products together, as I feel they work so well together in aiding me to get skin that feels smooth, soft, comforted, and looks clean, clear, and renewed.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple collection is perfect for problematic skin, and skin that may be a little bit sensitive. This collection will comfort your skin, while treating it. If you're prone to spots, blemishes, or any other problems, this collection will be perfect for you as it's pure and simple.

I've been using four products from this collection: the Pore Extractor Face Mask (which is the most amazing face mask to cleanse, and revive the skin); the 3-in-1 cleanser (which removes makeup so well, even eye makeup!); the Micellar Cleansing Water (which I tend to use as a toner); and the Ultra Light Moisturiser (which I tend to use as a day cream, rather than a night cream).

I tend to use this collection every now and again. I use the mask twice per week, and I use the moisturiser every other day. I use the micellar water most mornings, and I use the 3-in-1 cleanser after the face mask. The collection works really well in conjunction with each other, and I love incorporating it into my day-to-day routine/ritual.

I adore each of these skincare collections. Both brands are incredible at what they do, and so different in their own way. The L'Occcitane Immortelle collection is perfect for dehydrated skin that needs a little moisture, extra comfort, and protection; and the Philosophy Purity Made Simple collection is perfect for blemish prone skin, which might be a little sensitive.

Which one do you think will work best for you? Let me know below! Personally I love to use the L'Occitane collection as a constant daily ritual, and I use the Philosophy Purity range regular to combat blemishes, breakouts and any other issues.

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  1. I've never tried either of these brands!! L'occitaine has been on my wishlist for a while though. The milk makeup remover sounds lush!

    Lucy |

    1. They are both amazing brands.. but L'Occitane is TRULY DIVINE! I totally recommend it! xxx


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