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I have a love-hate relationship with the internet. I love it because it allows me to express myself and get my writings read, but I also hate it because it's a well of complete and utter doom. I recently read a book called 'It Started With A Tweet' by author, Anna Bell, and it opened my eyes endlessly. Since having read this book, my perception of the internet has really changed...

The internet used to be a luxury, something we'd click the back button of our old Samsung slide up phone 30 times in fear of being charged extra – but now it's something we can't seem to live without. So much is defined by the internet, and in many ways we are defined by the internet. Friendships are defined by snapstreaks on Snapchat, popularity by your following on Instagram, and beauty by the amount of likes you receive on your Facebook profile photo. In a short space of time, the internet has sucked us into the deepest, darkest well that we're all unable to crawl out of.

I feel that the internet has a really terrible impact on so many things – especially mental health. Seeing how 'amazing' everybody's lives seem and having the fear of missing out as well – the internet can be toxic and I really hate that can it be.

Nothing is your own anymore. Most people have their GPS enabled, so you can see every single footstep of their day if you wish. Plus most people post every single thing that they do in a day online too. Nothing is private, instead it's served up on a plate for everybody to dissect and form opinions on. People are living a lie – making their lives look amazing when they're not among many other lies too.

Another thing is the constant expectation of instant replies – although it's lovely to get a fast response, it's so demanding to expect somebody (or to be expected) to reply almost instantly. Thanks to the internet, if we haven't heard back from somebody in 10 minutes, we instantly think they have some sort of problem with us. The internet makes us so incredibly paranoid – god forbid somebody actually has a life, hence why they might have read your message and not replied, or not kept up snap streak. Honestly, the internet is such a toxic place and it's such a shame that we have all become so reliant on it.

You're probably thinking, "are you serious? you run a blog, you constantly post on social media, and you basically revolve your world around the internet", yes, it may look that way from the outside looking in, but like anything, you need to move with the times. And although I wish I lived in the 1920s or prior, when writing letters was a thing and relying on the internet wasn't, it's never going to happen, not in a million years – so I need to move with the times and utilise the internet, despite my mild hatred for it. My career, will no doubt revolve around the internet and in many ways it's a catch 22, but I want a good job, a good life, writing is my passion and in this day and age, it's really the only way in which I can get my writings read by the masses, as print based media really isn't appreciated as much these days.

What are your thoughts on the internet? Do you think that it impacts upon us negatively? Do you think that we've become consumed by it? Let me know.

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  1. Completely agree with this post - we only see everyone's highlight reel, making us feel worse for having tough times, when in reality we all go through it, we just don't show it! Social media is addictive but it can be so so toxic x

    -Charlotte /

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Charlotte! Yes, I totally agree!! Such a shame that it has become rather toxic.. – Mollie xxxx

  2. I have a love/hate relationship too, I think it's a lovely place for us bloggers who want to promote posts and engage with readers and fellow bloggers but at the same time, it's a dangerous place if you overdo it and not be careful with things you post and too much information about our personal lives.
    Happy Sunday gorgeous!! x


    1. I definitely agree, Yiota! For people who are promoting their content, or even for small businesses who utilise the internet to make a living a pay their bills – but for the people who have transformed it into a toxic place... it's not good at all! Thanks for reading lovely. You too – Mollie xxxx

  3. I think most people have a love/hate relationship with the internet. As a whole I think you can find really supportive communities but they also come with a very bitchy side. It's amazing in the way that it opens up new business ventures and is allowing more people to be their own boss but it always comes with a catch.

    It's easy to get drawn into the world of over filtering and assume you're not good enough. I think it's about finding the balance between online and reality and understanding that you aren't supposed to be perfect even in this "Do it for the 'gram" society.

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

  4. Love-hate is ultimately the best way of putting it, Mollie. As a freelance writer and photographer, I can't ignore social media and the internet - it's crucial to my work. But there are times when I wish I could take a break.

    The toxicity, I think, stems from what Bill Murray described social media as: a tool that "is training us to compare our lives, instead of appreciating everything we are."

    That's arguably the worst aspects of the over-analytical platforms that were once MySpace, later Bebo and are now Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - too many, me included, find themselves worried about what they can't do, instead of being happy with and improving what they can do.

  5. I would love to live in a time when letter writing is more present! I do worry about the progression of the internet and have, at times, found myself wanting to live without it... however, I realised it's my responsibility as to how i use the internet and it's definitely made me a lot happier and the experience of using it so much more enjoyable! xx


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