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After the winter, our skin can feel dry, lacklustre and in need of some TLC. The heating has been on high ever since mid-November and our skin has become dry due and drained from all of it's natural oils. And thanks to British weather, one minute it's snowing and the next it's sweltering – this can cause havoc with our skin, which is why I'm introducing this incredible new range from L'Occitane... Aqua Réotier – a skin-quenching, deeply hydrating collection that will care for your skin throughout the seasons.

I've been using this amazing duo for the last few weeks and I'm besotted with the results. I have adored L'Occitane for the longest time, but I had never really delved into their facial skincare, until now. The Aqua Réotier range doesn't have a strong botanical fragrance like the other L'Occitane fragrances, instead it's breezy, light and rather delicate – perfect for those who aren't keen on using heavily fragranced products on their face.

I've been using the Water Gel Cleanser and the Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream, both of which have really helped my skin recover from the fluctuation in temperatures.

The Water Gel Cleanser (£19) is light and airy, the formulation is clear and has a jelly-like texture. When combined with water and applied to the skin, it foams up and removes any sebum, dead skin cells and pollution that has collected onto the skin also. I've been using this collection alongside The Body Shop's Tea Tree range, read the blog post about it here, and the results have really turned out amazingly well.

The Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream (£28) has a lovely light finish when applied to the skin. After application my skin feels smooth, soft and non-greasy. This cream charges your skin with water – it feeds it deep down into the skin, which ensures it's ultra hydrated. Once applied I'll either apply my makeup or if it's the evening I'll carry out my nighttime skincare routine. 

When used in conjunction with each other, both of the products work well and ensure my skin feels hydrated, quenched and well rested. I'd recommend this range for anybody, but especially sun worshippers and those that are partial to having the central heating on max, as this collection will really care for your skin when it needs it most. 

Are you holidaying anywhere nice this year? Also, what are your must have spring/summer skincare saviours? Let me know below!

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