Kerluxe AQUAVOL Haircare Range


Born from Swiss skincare, Kerluxe is a new, innovative and incredibly luxurious haircare brand. Kerluxe believe that our hair and scalp should receive the same treatment that the skin on our face does, hence why they have combined Swiss skincare with premium haircare – clever, right!?

Within today's post I shall be talking you through and reviewing one of the six collections within the Kerluxe family. I completed an online hair consultation and received AQUAVOL as my result – a range that revives lacklustre hair in four simple steps...


RRP: £38
With a stunning botanical scent, this opulent AQUAVOL hair shampoo refreshes and cleanses the hair from root to tip. Claiming to hydrate, cleanse, restructure and protect, this glorious shampoo does all of this plus more. While cleansing each and every hair strand, this shampoo also protects and shields your scalp from moisture loss, in turn ensuring your hair and scalp can support growth and volume.

My opinion:

Since using this shampoo alongside the other AQUAVOL hair products within this feature, my hair has never been silkier. My hair looks and feels shinier, healthier and stronger. The scent lingers, ensuring my hair always smells fresh and clean. The formulation of the shampoo is opulent and bubbles that it forms are luxurious and cleansing.

AQUAVOL Conditioner

RRP: £40
Claiming to quench, smooth and boost; this stunning conditioner works a treat on ensuring my tresses are kept in tip-top condition. While locking in moisture and protecting each strand from the damage of everyday free-radicals and styling, the AQUAVOL hair conditioner smooths each hair shaft while adding weightless volume making your hair easier to manage. 

My opinion:

I have definitely noticed a difference with the texture, manageability and overall quality of my hair since using the AQUAVOL hair conditioner. My split ends are less noticeable, if they're there at all. The shine that my hair now has is out of this world, and my hair has never looked so healthy and full of life. I definitely feel that the hefty price tag is justified in the results.


RRP: £46
Sometimes hair conditioner just isn't enough, so it's nice to treat your locks to something even more opulent. The AQUAVOL hair mask is a luxurious hair treatment that conditions deeply and improves hair structure. Delivering essential nourishment to your hair and scalp, this stunning treatment mask really does treat your hair to a moment of rejuvenating bliss.

My opinion:

I use this once per week to give my hair an extra quenching of nourishment. In the past when I've used hair masks, I have found them to be quite heavy and weighty. They usually make my hair feel a tad clogged and weighed down, but the AQUAVOL Hair Mask is completely different – it's weightless, adds volume and leaves my hair looking and feeling silky and manageable.

AQUAVOL Leave in therapy

RRP: £49
Usually I steer clear of leave in sprays as in the past I have always found them to be greasy and sticky. The AQUAVOL leave in therapy is a stunning fine mist that leaves a veil of fragrance in place while delivering vital components of innovative haircare to ensure your locks are cared for all day through. Protecting against damage caused by free radicals and heat styling, this luscious leave in therapy will complete your Kerluxe haircare ritual.

My opinion:

I use the AQUAVOL leave in therapy mist daily. I apply to towel dried hair, concentrating on the roots. This mist boosts my hair from the root, making sure my hair has a luscious volume that lasts all day long. The fragrance is luxurious and highly addictive too!

Overall, the Kerluxe AQUAVOL range has definitely transformed my hair. It's never looked so healthy.. it honestly looks renewed and replenished. I would definitely re-purchase the entire range, as it's just so damn good! If you're looking to up the ante with your hair regime, then this range is for you. If you need moisture, hydration and weightless volume, Kerluxe's AQUAVOL range has your name on it. But if you have different haircare needs, then why not complete their online hair consultation to find your perfect collection for lush looking hair?

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before but they sound so luxe. I would definitely want to try the mask and leave in treatment because those are the products I'm always hunting for xxx

  2. no split ends? NEED this is in my life!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Thank you so much for the review, I have never heard of this brand and definitely need to try it out :)

    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl


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