Perricone MD 'No Makeup Makeup' Review


We all want to look effortlessly beautiful, even though it may actually mean we have to put a little bit of effort into it. Luckily, Perricone MD created the No Makeup Makeup range - a range that has revolutionised the way we do our makeup and the way we look and feel post application. If you're lusting over that lit-from-within look, then keep reading, because you're about to discover a range tailor-made for you...

No Foundation Foundation

Foundation is something that most of us wear on a day-to-day basis. It's what we rely on to make us look and feel our best. We feel as though having a flawless face base means we can conquer the world; so imagine having a base on that doesn't look unnatural or caked on? Imagine if your base looked like your skin, but better? Imagine if your base delivered anti-ageing benefits and included a high SPF!? Crazy right? No, not anymore thanks to Dr. Perricone! The No Foundation Foundation by Dr. Perricone not only diffuses imperfections and colour corrects your skin tone, but this foundation also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, an ingredient that will minimise the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles. This foundation also boasts of an SPF 30! The No Foundation Foundation achieves a glowy look that doesn't dull down throughout the day, nor does it cause your face to become oily and greasy. I find this foundation is best applied with your finger tips and then blended together with a buffing brush - this helps you to achieve the most amazing and super seamless face base, ready for blush and bronzer application...

No Blush Blush

As you have probably gathered recently, I'm really loving liquid and solid blushes. The traditional blushes just aren't doing it for me in these warmer months - I want something that makes me glow from within and looks as natural as possible. The No Blush Blush by Perricone MD is a stunning product that blends in beautifully and has the lightest, airiest texture imaginable. I dab three dots on each cheek and blend with a buffing brush and tah-dah, beautifully flushed skin that brightens my complexion and looks super natural and dewy!

No Bronzer Bronzer

The No Bronzer Bronzer by Perricone MD is a multi-tasking godsend. This bronzer also doubles up as a serum - a serum formulated with Vitamin C, which means that it diffuses light flawlessly across your entire complexion, in turn diffusing visible imperfections and sun damage. The No Bronzer Bronzer serum can be used as a general liquid bronzer, contour liquid or darkening foundation drops. It's a brilliant multi-tasker that once tried, you won't be able to live without. I love using this as a contour liquid and my mum also uses it to darken her foundations!

No Mascara Mascara 

If you're looking for natural looking lashes that also mimic the appearance of falsies, then this is for you! The No Mascara Mascara by Perricone MD is a 2-in-1 product - a coloured mascara AND a treatment. This mascara is clinically proven to impart your lashes, thicken your lashes and lengthen your lashes over time. The pigment is unreal and the longevity is brilliant - it lasts all day long without flaking off or transferring onto your cheek. Brilliant!!

This range is brilliant and so perfect for every single person of any age! Natural looking makeup that takes next to no time at all to apply - the No Makeup Makeup range by Perricone MD is a breeze to use and leaves my skin looking amazing while delivering amazing anti-ageing results!

The No Makeup Makeup range by Perricone MD is so perfect for Autumn, don't you think? Imagine it with a berry lip! Do you like No Makeup Makeup looks?

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  1. I'm really curious about the No Blush Blush! Have to see if I find this brand somewhere!

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  2. Thanks for sharing this!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Wow these sound so lovely! I adore natural 'no makeup' makeup looks, I will definitely look out for these, especially the blush :D you have captured them so beautifully! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. Thank you so much darling!! - Mollie xx


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