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Pacifica is a 100% cruelty free and vegan beauty range that I have been loving since around November 2016. With the most amazing fragranced products, this brand is probably the most beautiful and utterly stunning brand I have ever set eyes on. With fragrances that tantalise your tastebuds, packaging that appeals to our aesthetics and products with the most amazing formulations, how can you refuse anything from Pacifica?

There would have been a couple more perfumes in this mini haul as my mum and I had been saving (and using) up products as we bought them and we actually used up quite a bit of two of the perfumes that were meant to be featured in this haul.. oops! They were just too good not to use!! So, anyway, within this mini haul I shall be talking about a few of Pacifica's ranges - Island Vanilla, Waikiki Pikake, Indian Coconut Nectar, Vanilla Hibiscus and Coconut Water.

Island Vanilla Natural Soap

This soap is beautiful. Retailing at just £6.95 from LoveLula, the Island Vanilla Natural Soap by Pacifica smells exactly like the perfume! Highly fragranced and sulphate free, this beautifully moisturising soap is incredibly softening and leaves your skin feeling both silky smooth and smelling like a vanilla pod. With a sensual blend of vanilla absolute, honey-jasmine and a creamy blend of tea, this gorgeous rich-lathering soap is definitely my new favourite natural soap. I shall definitely be investing in more of the opulent fragrances!

Coconut Water Purifying Facial Wipes

I wasn't expecting too much from these wipes but as soon as they arrived I was besotted! The scent is unlike anything I had ever encountered before.. usually coconut fragranced body care can have a slight 'cheesy' aroma, but not these gorgeous Pacifica wipes! Refreshing, fruity and incredibly comforting, these facial wipes are perfect for summer and I can't get enough of using them after taking my makeup off - they're so refreshing and leave my skin feeling comforted. At just £4.99, they're an absolute bargain and I can't fault them at all.

Waikiki Pikake Body Butter

I adore body butters to bits, especially while in the summer months - they keep our skin silky smooth, smelling sweet and prepped for tanning. This Waikiki Pikake Body Butter is the most opulently scented body butter I have ever encountered - this fragrance is also amazing in the perfume form, to be quite honest, my mum is utterly obsessed with this fragrance! This body butter not only nourishes and moisturises your skin, but it provides protection and anti-ageing too. Pacifica's Body Butters are all paraben free and contain the finest ingredients. Their body butters retail at £14.95 which is fairly reasonable for the amount of product and the quality you're getting too!

Pacifica Perfumes in 'Island Vanilla' and 'Indian Coconut Nectar'

My mum is obsessed with Pacifica's perfumes and she's slowly quickly converting me too! If you're after opulent fragranced perfumes, then Pacifica's fragrances are definitely for you. My mum has tried Persian Rose and Waikiki Pikake in the past and she loved them to bits so I got her a couple more perfumes as her birthday is coming up (I did have a cheeky smell of them both first though, so that I could write about them for you.. oops!). The Island Vanilla perfume smells absolutely beautiful - just like how you'd imagine fresh vanilla pods smell! A comforting scent that smells fresh and musky, Island Vanilla is a scent I actually just ordered for myself because it's so damn pretty and perfect for summer too! Indian Coconut Nectar is another coconut scented product that I wasn't too hopeful for.. as mentioned earlier, some coconut products can have a peculiar scent to them that isn't too pleasant, but this fragrance is tropical, refreshing and one that I'm probably going to have to order for myself soon.. it's everything and more just how you'd want your summer to smell! Pacifica's spray bottle (28ml) perfumes retail at only £20 each, their roll-on (10ml) perfumes retail at just £12 and their solid perfumes retail at just £10 each. The pricing of these perfumes are more than reasonable when you take into consideration just how concentrated and full of fragrance they really are! Sadly I can't find a link for the 28ml bottle of Island Vanilla perfume, but click here for the solid perfume of Island Vanilla.

Color Quench Lip Tint in 'Vanilla Hibiscus'

Upon ordering, I perceived this product to be a tad bigger in size, so was slightly underwhelmed when I unpackaged it. But I was incredibly wrong as this lip balm is beautiful and oh so natural! I had envisioned a more pigmented, larger lip balm and although the complete opposite to what arrived, I really love this mildly pigmented lip tint! With a beautiful sheen and iridescence to it, the most amazing vanilla scent (and taste) and the most perfect on-the-go packaging, this lip tint in Vanilla Hibiscus, I really do love this lip tint, especially for my more natural makeup days! At just £7.49, this lip balm is a staple piece to any girl's makeup bag, especially those who like a more natural and understated look!

As you can see, I (and my mum) absolutely adore Pacifica and I can't see us stopping any time soon! It's a gorgeous brand that doesn't fail on any level. The packing is beautiful, the formulations are second to none and the fragrances they use are INCREDIBLE and so depthy too! I can't fault this brand at all and I definitely recommend it to anybody looking for opulent body care and fragrance. 

Have you tried anything from Pacifica? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. The Body Butter sounds amazing! I've only ever tried their makeup products x

    Beauty From Katie

    1. I need to try more of their makeup. Honestly, hun, you NEED to try their skincare/bodycare!!! - Mollie xx

  2. OMG so much Coconut! Love it! The facial wipes sound so good, I'll have to check them out xx

    1. Love coconut scented things! The facial wipes are fab - Mollie xx

  3. I love Pacifica! I'll have to try that body butter ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Me too! And yes, yes you do, love! - Mollie xx


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