Too Faced X Kat Von D Collaboration | Better Together Palette Review

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The Too Faced and Kat Von D Better Together Collaboration is the first ever brand collaboration between two leading brands, and I for one, am very excited to be sharing this with you all. This collaboration was something I was incredibly excited about this collaboration and just could not wait to get my hands on it. Not only is this palette the prettiest palette I have ever set my eyes on.. once you open it up, the shades within are beyond beautiful..

The first ever palette I have ever seen that is in the shape of a heart, this gorgeous, unique, one-of-a-kind palette by two of the most famous makeup brands in the world in this moment in time, is a true masterpiece. Jerrod's Too Faced side of the heart comprises of the prettiest pale pink with gold trim whereas Kat's Kat Von D side of the heart comprises of black with silver trim - both Jerrod and Kat have interpreted roses in their own special ways.

Inside of the box in which this palette came in, the palette sits pretty with a Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced sitting by their half and a Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D sitting by her side. Both of these products are FULL SIZED which is a wonderful treat. I had always thought of them to be travel sized, so when I found them to be full sized, I was incredibly overjoyed!

Shade Descriptions

Too Faced: Jerrod's side of the heart

BFF, a creamy vanilla shade; Lovely, a pretty pale pink; Friendspiration, a gorgeous gold hued bronze - a personal favourite of mine; Heart of Gold, a beautiful gold toned khaki - although this shade states it's gold, I have found it to have some khaki undertones which I like a lot; Power Couple, a beautiful deep brown with micro-glitter fragments in a sparkly and glittery gold and Better Together, a beautiful plum toned purple, super metallic and incredibly pretty.

Kat Von D: Kat's side of the heart

Yours, a beautiful matte grey; Darling, the prettiest glittery metallic pewter, which shimmers and shines when the light catches it - perfect as an 'all over' shade; Por Viva, a matte white shade; Devotion, a matte black - the darkest black eyeshadow I have ever seen; Swoon, my most favourite shade from Kat's side of this palette - the brightest metallic TRUE red eyeshadow - Swoon is a beautiful shade which I just can't get enough of and Lovestruck, a beautiful peachy hued metallic nude which I adore for the inner corners and lower lash line.

Too Faced's Half of the Heart

Too Faced's side of this collaboration is typically Too Faced. Light, airy, shimmery and versatile, this gorgeous shade selection provides you with the perfect Springtime shades - perfect for creating a vast amount of eye looks. The two lighter shades at the top; BFF and Lovely, make perfect base/prime shades, great for building up other shades or packing the glitter onto the lid. The two mid shades; Friendspiration and Heart of Gold, both have gold attributes to them, these shades would be perfect as the middle lid shade (main shade). The two bottom shades; Power Couple and Better Together, would make amazing crease shades, perfect for blending outwards, transitioning or creating a killer cut crease. I am personally a massive lover of Too Faced's eyeshadows, I adored their Christmas 2016 collection, especially the Merry Macarons palette. Their shadows never, ever let me down. Amazing staying power, incredibly pigmented and super easy to blend, in my eyes (well, on my eyes) Too Faced's eyeshadows are a no brainer!

Kat Von D's Half of the Heart

Kat Von D is a brand I had been after trying for the longest time. This brand is such a fabulous brand and a brand I'd love to try more of. I really want to try her 'Lock It' Foundation and Concealer, they look incredible. Kat Von D's Half of the Heart contains so many gorgeously pigmented colours, my personal favourite being that bright n' bold red, 'Swoon', it's SO pigmented and incredibly shimmery. Other than 'Swoon' I also really love the shades; 'Darling' and 'Lovestruck'. All of the shimmery shades are super blendable, creamy and incredibly shiny. Sometimes I can find metallic shades slightly dried out, but these shades have a very buttery consistency, which I really like! I just have one fault with this side of the collaboration, I find Kat Von D's shadows to crease a little quicker in comparison to Too Faced's eyeshadows. I find that by applying a primer, the shadow lasts a little longer, but nonetheless, I still feel her eyeshadows crease relatively quick. This won't stop me from using her eyeshadows (nor will it stop me from purchasing her makeup in the future) but I'll just make sure I take the palette with me if I'm out all day/night.


Personally, I think that this incredible collaboration is an ingenious creation and a work of art, also. It combines two people's loves and passions; fusions them both into one incredibly show-stopping palette which is just a 'must-buy' for any makeup lover out there. The Too Faced side pleases the girly side of my soul whereas the Kat Von D side pleases the darker side of my soul - it's just such a versatile palette which can create a variety of incredibly looks. From your sparkly, springtime eye look to a deep, dark and sultry eye look. The colours on the Too Faced half are far more wearable and suited for a day-time look, whereas the Kat Von D side are quite daring and perfect for colder months and evening eye looks. This palette is perfect for me because each and every shade from the two halves are shades that I would (and do) definitely wear!

This palette is incredible. Perfect for traveling as there's a vast amount of different looks you can create from each of the palettes either separately or combined.

The Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection retails at £46 and will be available to buy from Debenhams from February 13th 2017 - just in time for Valentine's Day😉

I'm so incredibly fortunate to have been able to review this palette for you all upon its release. Massive thank you to Too Faced for this fabulous package that I will forever be grateful for! Although I was sent this palette to review, this does not mean that my review is biased in ANY WAY whatsoever. My reviews are always 100% honest.

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