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PHB Ethical Beauty is a brand I was first introduced to last year when I first subscribed to LoveLula's beauty box subscription. I put in regular orders with LoveLula as I'm just besotted with skincare, especially organic, so when I discovered some of PHB's makeup, I just had to try some out for myself. In this blog post I shall be talking you though my PHB Ethical Beauty collection, some of which I got in various beauty boxes with LoveLula and some of which I actually ordered for myself..

About PHB Ethical Beauty

PHB Ethical Beauty is a brand which is 100% Organic, Cruelty Free, Halal and Vegan. All of their products are made here in the UK with 100% naturally and organically derived ingredients. 20% of their profits go to charity to help improve the lives of people and animals in the UK.

Pressed Mineral Mono Eyeshadows 

After discovering that PHB Ethical Beauty sold makeup on LoveLula, I saw that they sold mono eyeshadows and instantly fell in love with two gorgeous shades - Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz. I had high hopes for these eyeshadows, I really thought I was going to love them and for the price of £9.95, I thought they were going to blow me away. Unfortunately, these eyeshadows aren't everything I had hoped for. Despite blending really well, being incredibly pigmented and looking amazing on your eyelids for a short while, an hour of two later the eyeshadow completely creases and looks caked and powdery.

Pure Organic Lip Gloss

Lip glosses are a makeup product that I have been exploring so much more recently. I'm a die-hard lipstick lover but am slowly being converted to the gloss. These lip glosses are truly amazing. Honestly, they really are (and that's coming from me, the Queen of lipsticks!). Super, super pigmented and incredibly pretty, these sheeny, shiny glosses look exquisite once applied. I bought these lip glosses in the shades Raspberry and Camellia. I think I got the Raspberry shade in November of last year and upon purchasing I perceived it to be slightly pinker (it looks much pinker on the website) but when I opened it up upon arrival, I found it to be slightly more purple. This didn't bother me at all though as it's still a gorgeous shade and I've worn it multiple times. In January I decided to order another one as I just adored the non-sticky, super sheeny formula, so I opted for Camellia, a brighter pink which was definitely more true to life upon arrival. Camellia is definitely more 'me' - it's a bright fuchsia pink which is incredibly pigmented, more pigmented than some of the lipsticks I own!

Pure Organic Lipstick 

When I ordered the Camellia Pure Organic Lip Gloss by PHB Ethical Beauty, I also decided to purchase the accompanying lipstick - the Pure Organic Lipstick in Camellia - to wear beneath the gloss. This lipstick has a lovely pigmentation to it, although a slightly lesser amount in-comparison to the lip glosses by PHB. These lipsticks are incredibly moisturising and hydrating, which is perfect for the cold weather that we are currently experiencing her in the UK. The Pure Organic lipsticks retail at just £12.95, which is a steal for such an amazing product. I adore the gorgeous bright pink hue that PHB's Camellia shade has. I definitely recommend this incredible range of Lip Glosses and Lipsticks.

Skin Brighten Gel with Neroli and Immortelle

The Skin Brighten Gel with Neroli and Immortelle by PHB Ethical Beauty is a godsend. Myself and my mum adore it to pieces as it has the most amazing fragrance to it, which is both botanical and refreshing. Perfect for age spots, pigmentation or uneven skin-tone; this incredible gel is lightweight, absorbs into your skin almost instantly and works quickly to achieve incredible results. My mum adores this as she has pigmentation on her forehead and cheeks - this gel has really helped even out her skin-tone and she feels so much more comfortable with and without makeup. At only £13.95, this fabulous skin brightening gel works wonders without breaking the bank.

Brightening Moisturiser with Argan and Immortelle

Moisturisers are something we should all use more. This lightweight, super nourishing moisturiser with Argan and Immortelle is incredible, especially when used in conjunction with the brightening gel mentioned above. When used together, these two products feed the skin with essential vitamins that nourish, rejuvenate and work in perfect harmony to balance your skin-tone and even out any imperfections. Retailing at £18.95, this Brightening Moisturiser with Argan and Immortelle is a complete bargain.

Handmade Sugar Scrubs

PHB don't just create the most gorgeous makeup products and skincare products, they also have the most amazing bathing accompaniments. I personally adore their sugar scrubs! I've repurchased their handmade sugar scrubs multiple times and will continue to do so. They make my skin feel SO smooth - better than any scrub I have ever used before in my life. They remove any dead skin cells, pimples or dry patches from your body, which is great as we approach spring/summer and my legs and arms will be on show much more. At only £4.95, these fabulous Homemade Sugar Scrubs are a no brainer!

PHB Ethical Beauty is an amazing 'all rounder' brand. Yes, there may be some things that I'm not overly keen on and probably wouldn't purchase again, but on the whole, I love the majority of what I have tried and would definitely repurchase most of the above.

Have you tried this brand before? What from the above would you like to try?

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  1. I love learning about new cruelty free and vegan beauty products.. I feel like there are so many on the market but you just never hear of them :) Thanks for the tip!
    Charlotte Luisa |

    1. Thank you so much for reading, my love! - Mollie xx


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