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Ever since last summer I have been utterly obsessed with Korean Beauty. From makeup products to luxury skincare, Korean Beauty is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. Towards the end of January/beginning of Feb, I received my very first Bomibox - a K Beauty Subscription box!!

Last autumn I stumbled across BomiBox on Instagram after they followed me. I decided to have a little nose on their Instagram page and I fell in love INSTANTLY. So, what exactly is BomiBox I hear you ask? Well, BomiBox is a Korean Beauty Subscription Box and is in many ways a luxury subscription box. Each month you received a massive 8 full sized or deluxe Korean Beauty products. Retailing at around £30 per month, BomiBox is slightly more than what I would usually pay for a beauty subscription box but the quality is so much higher than any beauty box I have ever encountered in my life. Therefore, this subscription box is completely worth every single penny. I personally wouldn't feel the need to receive this every single month as the products you receive in just one box will last me absolutely ages. I would recommend subscribing just a few times a year, maybe once every two months.

So, within my December BomiBox which arrived at the end of January, I received a whole host of amazing products to sample and try out.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

This product had been something I had seen ALL OVER Instagram prior to receiving my BomiBox so when I opened my BomiBox up, naturally I was incredibly excited. I couldn't stop grinning and just couldn't wait to take off all of my makeup and apply this beautiful product all over my face. So, you're probably wondering why I was so excited, well, this mask bubbles up on your face and keeps on growing until you remove it. It tingles, bubbles and pops - you can feel it really working deep down in your pores. It's an amazing mask and I can't stop using it. Containing Green Tea, Charcoal and Collagen, this mask is a wonderful product and I just cannot get enough of it. I will definitely be repurchasing multiple tubs of this in the future.

Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Containing tea-tree, this incredibly low pH cleanser is perfect to use in the morning. I adore using gel cleansers as they are super light-weight. I tend to alternate between milk cleansers, foam cleansers, gel cleansers and balm cleansers because then my skin doesn't get used to a particular formula, this ensures that my skin is always in tip-top condition. The tea-tree within this cleanser really helps to keep my spots at bay, perfect for use before makeup application.

Mizo Snail Recovery Gel Cream 

This fabulous gel like cream by Mizo is their Snail Recovery Gel Cream. Snail secretion is such an incredible skincare ingredient and just recently I have fallen head over heels in love with it. This Snail Recovery Gel Cream can be used as a general face moisturiser or alternatively as a sleeping pack/mask. This fabulous product will fade dark spots (age spots), banish fine lines and restore the skins' natural barrier. 

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream

Containing Shea Butter and Herb Water, this softening, replenishing hand cream is perfect for dry hands, especially during the winter months. The Missing U range is a project created by Etude House to raise awareness of endangered wild animals, hence the container in the shape of various endangered animals. The great thing about this project is how Etude House are giving away a portion of the profits to animal protection charities.

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Sleeping Pack 

This sleeping pack/mask works better when refrigerated prior to use. Simply apply straight from the fridge and go to sleep. Upon waking your face should feel incredibly soft, smooth and silky. I adore this product and definitely want to repurchase some more. 

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm

Blackheads are the bane of my life. They just sit there in your pores acting like they own the place (well, my face). They're so annoying and I have tried many products that claim to remove blackheads, but I had never tried anything like this before. In the past I have tried blackhead pore strips, charcoal masks and various scrubs, but not a balm. This Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm by Innisfree is an interesting concept to say the least. You simply need the tiniest amount, rub it on your nose for around 15 minutes until an oil is formed (keep rubbing) and then wash off. It takes a LOT of rubbing but the results are worth it. However, I did still have a few blackheads in place, but with continued constant use, you should see incredible results in just one month.

SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask

Containing REAL gold powder and collagen, this mask re-textures the skin and tightens your complexion. If you have any sagging skin around the decollate or cheek area then it's the perfect sheet mask for you. This sheet mask will firm, tighten and brighten your skin whilst leaving it supple, soft and plumped.

Nature Republic Real Green Tea Mask

This mask is perfect for when your skin is in need of a hydration boost. Sheet masks are my absolute favourites as they really do feed moisture deep down into your skin. I used this mask when my skin was a tad dry, red and had a few breakouts. The following morning my skin felt so much fresher, soft and calmer too. 

The December BomiBox was amazing and I adore each and every product that came within the December box. Korean Skincare is incredible and I just cannot get enough of it - high quality, luxury skincare products that work amazingly well and help you achieve flawless skin, what's not to love?

I personally think that BomiBox is a wonderful and highly innovative idea. Beauty boxes themselves are a great idea but with many, only sample sized products are available, this is why BomiBox is definitely my favourite subscription box that I have ever tried. With BomiBox you're getting full-sized luxury or deluxe sized products as well as a few added samples. Not only do you get a lot of product, but the quality of the product is second to none, it's Korean Beauty so what more do you expect? Luxury beauty from Korea is definitely the best kind of beauty!

What do you think of the contents of my December BomiBox?

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  1. Awesome box! Their contents are current darlings of the beauty world :) At least those into KBeauty L(:

    1. That you so much for reading, CJ! - Mollie xxx

  2. Omg! I've never heard of this box before even though I'm crazy about subscription boxes. I am really going to need to check it out! That little hand cream is sooo adorable!:) Can't get enough of K-Beauty! hehe!

    xo, Chloe //


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