They're Real! Big Sexy Lip Kit by Benefit Swatches & Review


Lipsticks, ahhh! My favourite topic of conversation and a makeup product I just can't go a day without wearing. It can be the most annoying thing in the world, when you just can't find the matching lipliner that you're sure you chucked in your handbag this morning!? Benefit has answered our prayers, Makeup lovers! We can all now rejoice as lipsticks with built in liners are now available from one of the best makeup brands in the world...

Beautifully presented, these incredible lipsticks by Benefit aren't just gorgeous on the outside, they're blooming marvellous on the inside! Comprising of a two tone lipstick bullet in the shape of a teardrop, these lipsticks consist of a lighter pigment on the thicker bottom and a darker pigment on the thinner tip - perfect for creating a fuller looking, more sexy and plump pout.

The lipsticks from the They're Real! Big Sexy Lip Kit come in a range of four highly pigmented, beautifully bold lipsticks in the shades: Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved-Up Red and Lusty Rose.

Flame Game is a gorgeous bold orange with a reddish undertone. This lipstick is highly pigmented and super daring! Pink Thrills is beautiful bright popping fuchsia pink, which stands out from the crowd and looks amazing on any skin tone. Revved-Up Red has to be my favourite from this selection as red is my go-to lipstick shade. Revved-Up Red is highly pigmented and incredibly chic. Lusty Rose is the perfect everyday pink hued nude - incredibly natural with a depthy edge.

Each of these shades would look incredible on any skin tone imaginable. Bold, highly pigmented and non-drying; these amazing and innovative lipsticks last on your lips for up to eight entire hours - that's a full day at work or college, with no touch ups.. incredible, right!? The formula is incredibly moisturising and doesn't dry out your lips either, like some lipsticks can.

I just cannot get over the pure beauty of these lipsticks. I am a sucker for pretty packaging and just couldn't resist these beauties. This little kit would make the most amazing gift for a loved one's birthday or just as an 'I love you gift'. There's a shade to please everybody and each of their moods too.

If you're not overly keen on all four of these shades, Benefit have just released full-sized singulars of 'They're Real! Double The Lip Lipstick and Liner In One' - available in eight different shades: Nude Scandal, Flame Game, Criminally Coral, Pink Thrills, Fuchsia Fever, Lusty Rose, Revved-Up Red and Juicy Berry.

I can't recommend these lipsticks enough and I really hope they bring out some more colours in the future as the formula is second to none! Have you tried these amazing lipsticks by Benefit? Let me know below!

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  1. How gorgeous is the packaging of these???? Pink Thrills is a lovely colour, I would definitely wear this for spring since I love pink/fuchsia shades! x


    1. I know right!? This set of lipsticks is beyond beautiful! Pink Thrills is one of my favourites, it's such a beautiful, bright pink! - Mollie xxx

  2. Wow, these are wonderful colours!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I know right!? They're all so beautiful! - Mollie xxx


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