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Makeup brushes are in many ways a necessity for makeup lovers across the globe, but at the same time as them being a must have, we also want them to look gorgeous and enviable AKA Instagrammable. From contouring to blending and foundation to setting, there's a brush for everything and us makeup crazed guys and girls just need to have beautiful beauty tools in our lives. Let me introduce you to Peach & Pearl makeup brushes...

Peach 🍑 is a colour that is drastically growing in popularity - it's pastel-esque, incredibly pretty and fits in with the marble and rose gold colour combination that us girls are just besotted with. This post features Peach & Pearl's Full 7 Piece Makeup Brush Set comprising of seven gorgeously crafted Cruelty Free and Vegan brushes. Within this beautifully put together and highly versatile makeup brush set there are four face brushes: Face Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Contour Brush, Stippling Brush, and three eye brushes: Small Blending Brush, Medium Blending Brush and Flat Brush. The 7 piece set retails at £85, which isn't at all bad when you consider the high quality, beautiful finish and the flawless outcome they achieve.

The super soft bristles, the peach hued handle and the rose gold ferrule make these makeup brushes a treat for the eyes (and Instagram feed). Not only do these brushes look beautiful, they also make you look and feel beautiful. Gone are the days of cheap bristles covering your face once you've applied your pressed setting powder - these brushes don't shed their bristles at all, which is a godsend for us makeup junkies! Whether you're a beginner, makeup pro or even a seasoned professional - these makeup brushes are a dream to work with and help you achieve the most glorious results.

This is the only core makeup brush set you really do need - why? There's a brush for any and every makeup application you can think of, they apply your makeup flawlessly, they look gorgeous and they wash up really well (I love to use baby shampoo or a brush cleanser from the drugstore). These brushes are durable, versatile and of the most amazingly high quality - I just can't recommend them enough!

The full set of seven brushes retail at £85, a set of four face brushes retail at £55 and a set of three eye brushes retail at £35. The brushes are also sold individually and are priced as follows: Face Powder Brush (£14), Stippling Brush (£15), Contour Brush (£16), Blush Brush (£12), Flat Brush (£13), Crease Brush (£12) and Blending Brush (£12).

Have you tried Peach & Pearl makeup brushes? Would you consider trying them?

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  1. These brushes are absolutely STUNNING!! Thank you for sharing! xo

    1. Aren't they just!? Thank you so much for reading! - Mollie xxx


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