Patisserie De Bain Sugared Violet Collection


Patisserie De Bain is such a gorgeous brand. A brand that combines beautiful French desserts with classic British old fashioned sweets. With an array of delectable scents and the most gorgeous products and packaging too, Patisserie De Bain is a brand I just can't get enough of. I'd like to introduce their full Sugared Violet range to you today...

Comprising of everything from hand cream, to bath bonbons, this range is a dream come true. 

Sugared Violet Bath Bonbons | £9.99

Bath bombs are something we all know and love but sometimes they can be a little too big. Not saying that I don't love big bath bombs or fizzers, but if I'm in a rush in the morning before I head out but still want a gorgeous scented bath which will revive my senses ready for the long day ahead, I find smaller bath bombs work much better and this is why these gorgeous bonbons by Patisserie De Bain are so perfect. If you're like me and adore having a luxury bath before heading out in the morning but aren't wanting to justify a big 'ole bath bomb that could set you back £5 or more, then this gorgeous jar full of violet scented bonbons is for you. 

Sugared Violet Hand Cream (Tube) | £3.99

Perfect for carrying in your handbag or makeup bag, this beautiful softening hand cream scented with Sugared Violets, smells divine and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth. The tube design makes this the perfect product to carry with you wherever you go to ensure your hands feel smooth and smell 

Sugared Violet Bath Melt | £2.99

This bath melt is beyond beautiful. Highly moisturising and gorgeously fragranced, this skin smoothing bath melt, melts seamlessly under warm running water to fill your bathtub with silky water that smells like parma violets - I certainly couldn't think of anything more divine.

Sugared Violet Bath and Shower Créme | £3.99

I adore using this product as a bubble bath as nothing beats a relaxing bubble bath after a long, hard day, especially when the bath water leaves your skin smelling of sweet violets. I also adore using this product when shaving as it lathers up beautifully and ensures the razor doesn't leave those little lumps on your legs. At such an affordable price, everyone can afford to smell beautiful.

Sugared Violet Hand and Body Lotion | £4.99

I adore pampering myself when I get out of the bath. This beautifully smooth and silky body lotion, which is thick and depthy, sinks into your skin beautifully and seamlessly whilst leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. 

Sugared Violet Hand Cream (Jar) | £4.99

Hand creams are perfect for the colder months as they keep your hands hydrated, softened and silky. If tubes of hand cream aren't your thing, then this gorgeously vintage style jar will right up your street. Such a beautiful concept, this cute little jar full of sweetly scented sugared violet fragranced hand cream has a lovely texture which isn't too thick, nor too thin - the perfect balance to sink into your skin and nourish your dry hands. The tiny price tag makes the cute little jar even cuter.

This brand is a firm favourite of mine as they have the most amazing scented body products. I adore their 'Sweet as Cherry Pie' fragrance too, but I definitely think that Sugared Violet is a definite favourite of mine - it's simply divine and oh so perfect for anytime of the day - morning or evening!

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  1. Love this - the cutest ever products!! x

    1. Aren't they just gorgeous!? - Thank you for reading, hun!

      Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

  2. Amazing post.

    My favourite is the sweet as cherry pie scent.

    Karen x


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