High-end Skincare Discoveries and Snail Secretion!?

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High end skincare is something of a luxury. Skincare itself if a necessity; we all need it. Our skin is our biggest organ and our faces are constantly on show, this means we need to take care of them. Our skin absorbs anything we put onto it, which is why taking care of it with the best possible products is essential and within this post I shall be airing some of my skincare secrets with you.

For the past few months I have been trialling some new and innovative skincare products. After the festive season, we all like to take care of ourselves a little more, which means we spend any Christmas money or surplus on products to make us look and feel better in time for the summer months. These gorgeous products have really saved my skin these past few months and although on the pricey side, I believe that they are incredibly efficient and worth every single penny.

M2 Beauté Pearl & Gold Facial Nano Spray | £75

Facial sprays are something of a luxury, especially when they're as opulent and replenishing as this Pearl & Gold Facial Nano Spray by M2 Beauté. If your skin is in need of an instant boost, a luminescent glow and a more refined tone, this product is for you. Simply hold 10cm away from your face, close your eyes and mouth and spray 2-3 times, leave to set and then admire your flawless skin. My pores are constantly enlarged, which isn't very good at all as this means that dirt and bacteria can become trapped, so by using a facial spray which contains pearl dust (which is renowned for minimising pores), my skin is ready to apply my usual skincare products or makeup and is protected from the environment. This gorgeously opulent spray also lightens and brightens your skin to give you a more even and refined skin tone.

Vitage Revitalising Daily Cleanse | £24

Cleansers are something that I have been using for multiple years, but I have never encountered a cleanser quite like this one. I adore this cleanser due to the gel to cream like formula which lightly foams up to create the most gorgeous replenishing cleanser, which will strengthen the skins natural barrier. Not only does this cleanser ensure your skin is in tip-top condition, but it also removes any sebum, caked on makeup and eye makeup too - perfect! And it you thought all of that was amazing, it also can act as a shaving foam which hydrates and soothes the skin when shaving.

Vitage Vitamin C Tightening Serum | £39

Even though I've not even hit my twenties yet, I still find it incredibly beneficial to use anti-ageing products. I have read that by using anti-ageing products younger than advised, this can mean that your skin will age less rapidly, therefore ageing slower and ensuring my skin will always look seamless. This gorgeous Vitage Vitamin C Tightening Serum not only feeds potent levels of Vitamin C into your skin, but it also reduces the size of your pores, brightens and lifts your skin and ensures you have a radiant glow.

skinChemists Advanced Snail Day Moisturiser | £109

I don't think I have ever spent such a large amount on a single skincare product before but oh my, it is so so worth the money. I have heard the words 'Snail Skincare' thrown around quite a bit over the past couple of months and to be honest, I was a tad dubious when I initially heard of it, especially when I found out that it's a Snail's secretion that is used within snail skincare products. This opulent Day Moisturiser by skinChemists is incredibly potent and contains some of the most amazing anti-ageing ingredients. Containing: Snail Secretion, which delays premature ageing; Tiare Flower Extract, which purifies the skin; Vitamin E, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and Creatine, which revitalises cell energy - this incredibly light yet effective day moisturiser is perfect for those of us looking for more hydrated skin, younger looking skin and increased radiance.

skinChemists Advanced Snail Night Moisturiser | £109

When using a day cream, it's incredibly useful (and highly recommended) to use an accompanying night cream hence this matching Advanced Snail Night Moisturiser. Similar to the day moisturiser, but a tad more potent. So, you're probably wondering why snail secretion is such a fabulous ingredient which is commonly used in anti-ageing skincare products. Well, snail secretion is widely known and renowned for the formation of collagen, fading darkened spots and scars, battling acne and plumping out your skin and banishing fine lines and creases. Since using these two products in conjunction with each other, I have noticed my spots and acne dramatically reduce. My mum has also been trialling this product with me and has noticed her dark spots (caused by the exposure of sun) have faded dramatically. We are both IN LOVE with these moisturisers.

I just adore ALL of the above skincare products and I hope that by you reading this informative guide on high-end skincare products has opened your eyes and spiked your interest in trying out some of the above for yourself.

Would you apply Snail Secretion (slime) to your face? Let me know below!

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