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Beauty Bakerie are a fabulous cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty product brand based in the USA, but luckily a fabulous online cosmetics store stocks some of their incredible products ( I was so happy to discover that their products are sold in the UK as I've been seeing them all over Instagram just recently - especially their Lip Whips! Keep on reading to discover their incredible brow pomade as well as two flawless liquid matte lipsticks...

Lip Whip

RRP: £14.95
The Lip Whip by Beauty Bakerie is incredible. They comprise of the dreamiest packaging imaginable - a beautiful turquoise lid with silver whirly writing, rose gold accents and a textured tubing - these liquid lipsticks are incredibly Instagramable, wouldn't you agree? Not only do they look incredible within the packaging, but the liquid matte lipstick formula itself is fabulous and one of the most durable I have ever used. Highly pigmented, bullet proof and smudge-free, these fabulous Lip Whips can withstand EVERYTHING. Feel free to eat, drink, kiss, go to the gym, go swimming or dance in the rain, as these lipsticks WILL NOT budge all day - trust me. They are beyond bullet proof. I have the shades Yoghurt Berries (the gorgeous mauve) and Watermelon Slushie (the gorgeous pinky/red shade) and both of these shades are so gorgeous once applied. 

BROWnies To Go!

RRP: £11.95
I am obsessed with Brow Pomades. Why? Because I find them to be the most precise and pigmented way of getting bold and beautiful brows. I started using a pomade at the beginning of this year and since then, I haven't looked back. The pomade I usually use is just a drugstore one and although fantastic, I found it to dry out quite quickly. This incredible pomade by Beauty Bakerie is completely different and super moist, pigmented, blendable and precise. I simply use a hard angled brow or eyeliner brush and a spoolie to brush through my brows - these tools help me to achieve gorgeous and highly pigmented brows that look both natural and Instagram worthy. 

I absolutely adore this brand of makeup and as this was my first time trying their products, I will definitely be purchasing some more of their makeup in the future, especially their lip whips. I also highly recommend Love Makeup as they stock some INCREDIBLE brands and products!

Keep an eye on my Instagram (theperksofmolliequirk) as I will be posting some swatch photographs soon!

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  1. They look like fab products! I haven't heard of the brand but will check it out, thanks for sharing :)

    Jaz xoxo

  2. Love all these pieces, look so fab! x


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