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Being organised is in my nature, yes - I'm a Virgo! Juggling my college studies with my main passion, blogging, is super difficult but with the help of some stationary it's SO easy to keep on top of things! Keep on reading to discover how I stay organised throughout the hectic start of college and keeping up with my blog...

Being an organised blogger

My blog is my baby, it really is. I started my blog mainly because I had a passion and partly because I had no friends and needed something to occupy my time with. I created my blog almost 3 years ago (WHAT!? How is that even possible?!) - in the past three years, my blog has got bigger and bigger and it can be daunting and hard keeping up with everything. I've got through COUNTLESS notebooks, journals and diaries whilst attempting to stay organised with blog posts and emails, so when I saw Paperchase stocked this fabulous and ever-so handy Blogger's Journal, I almost squealed with delight. I am a massive lover (and hoarder) of stationary - I always have been, so when I received this fabulous journal, I just couldn't wait to get stuck in and get organised. This fabulous Blogger's Journal is from the Let's Squawk range by Paperchase and retails at £15. Inside of this fabulous journal there are different sections that will ensure you become a super organised blogger - 'Blog Missions and Goals', a month-to-view calendar, a to-do this week section, 'New Post Ideas' and much more! This planner is a Blogger's ULTIMATE must-have. Why? Because it contains everything you need to run a successful blog; from planning new posts, to writing down your goals and  keeping a weekly diary - this handy journal contains my life and I couldn't be without it.

Being an organised student

Now let's get onto college ting's (ooh look at me getting down with the kids) - so aside from blogging, there's still a lot of things I need to stay on top of - college assignments, college work and my personal life of course; this is where my personal organiser comes into play. This fabulous personal organiser, also from Paperchase's Let's Squawk range, is perfect for keeping track of when I'm meeting with friends or family, when an assignment is due in at college or when I need to attend appointments or reply to emails. Complete with a week-to-view layout and sections to add different pages such as Meeting Notes, To-Do Lists and blank notes pages, this fabulous planner is great for keeping me organised for college and my personal life. A gorgeous green palm print adorns the fabulous outer material shell with an elastic fastening that ensures your organiser is closed properly, this little convenient handbag sized planner his my holy grail for my day-to-day life. Sadly I can't find this on the Paperchase website anymore so I've linked a substituted which is super cute, tropical and fruity too - click here to see it!

Notebook hoarding

Another love of mine (other than planners, organisers, journals and mid-year diaries) are blank exercise books of course! I adore hoarding blank notebooks and exercise books as they fill my stationary addicted heart with love, joy and happiness. Life's a whole lot better when you've got a drawer or cupboard (or both) full to the brim with notebooks, exercise books and other note jotting goodies - right!? Who's with me?! These two gorgeous exercise books from Paperchase are SO beautiful and totally tropical. I am super obsessed with all things bright, vivid, tropical and fruity so when I first set my eyes on these two super cute and summery books I fell in love. Blank ruled pages with the cutest covers - perfect for jotting down your deepest secrets, random college notes or you could even use them to list your crushes? Just a thought... Anyway, I also couldn't find these on Paperchase's website so be sure to check in your local Paperchase store to find a substitute for these two gorgeously fruity n' tropical exercise books!

Paperchase is definitely my most favourite stationary store and brand out there. I adore heading to my local Paperchase in Brighton as wandering around aisles of stationary brings me joy, okay? It may sound totally weird and odd but like many other people in this world stationary is just something I happen to love.. a lot! If you're looking to get organised, if you're looking for good quality stationary or if you're looking for fun and exciting new stationary concepts and products; Paperchase is where you need to be!

Are you obsessed with stationary? Do you think that the Blogger's Journal could help you become a more efficient and organised blogger? Please comment below as I love hearing from you all!

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  1. Paperchase have some gorgeous things!

    Parie x

    1. They do! I adore Paperchase so much, their stationery is so perfect - I am a self-confessed stationery addict! lol!! Thanks for reading Parie, love from Mollie xxx

  2. This is such a wonderful post! Have a nice day:)

    1. Thank you so so much Irene! - Mollie xxx

  3. I bloody love Paperchase. Their cards and notebook prints are some of my all-time favourite stationary weaknesses!!! xx

    Little Miss Katy


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