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I am very new to the concept of Korean Makeup but had always adored the idea of it and had always wanted to try it. In August I finally got the opportunity to try some Korean Makeup from YESSTYLE and I just had to share my experience of it with you all.

YESSTYLE is a Korean Online store that sells everything from clothing to beauty products. Korean Beauty is a massive hit all around the world and I can know see and understand what all of the hype is about. Korean Beauty and Skincare are very ahead of the rest of the world hence why their skin is so gorgeous. Inside of this special edition YESSTYLE Blogger Korean Beauty Box there are 10 different products that range from skincare to makeup, from some of the most established and well-loved Korean brands such as Etude House, TONYMOLY and Berrisom. 

The contents of my YESSTYLE Blogger Korean Beauty Box was as follows: My Lip Tint Kit by Berrisom, OOPS! Tint Cheek Cushion by Berrisom, Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream by Etude House, Color My Brows by Etude House, Collagen Eye Patch by Etude House, Black Head Nose Pack, TONYMOLY Tea Tree Sheet Face Mask, Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, Beauty People Gel Eyeliner and finally a MACQUEEN Creamy Cheek and Lip Tint.

My Lip Tint Kit by Berrisom

This lip tint kit by Berrisom has been in the media and press quite a lot over the past year or so. This method of lip tinting is a very new concept here in the UK - but it is a concept I absolutely adore. This fabulous way of tinting your lips is super easy, quick and very long lasting. Simply apply the gel-like formula to your lips, leave for 5-10 minutes, peel off and TA-DAH! - beautifully tinted lips that are smudge proof and will last for an entire day. I received the shade 'Vivid Scarlett' - which is a gorgeous and highly pigmented red (my favourite colour for my lips). I found that this lip tint kit is highly effective and does in fact last for at least 12 hours before fading slightly. I will definitely be purchasing this again and I hope to purchase them in every colour also, as I really want to try them al out! When I do, I'll do a full review and swatch blog review. I highly recommend this product by Berrisom - it's quick, easy, smudge proof, long-lasting, kiss proof and highly pigmented - I LOVE IT!

OOPS! Tint Cheek Cushion by Berrisom

Before receiving this fabulous box, I had no idea what a Tint Cheek Cushion was and was very intrigued and inquisitive when I initially opened my box. On first impressions the packaging is absolutely GORGEOUS and my mum was also besotted with it on first impressions. Upon using this product, I fell even more in love with it - the application process is highly easy, the cushion glides over the cheek smoothly and evenly to leave a gorgeous coral colour. The formula itself is an emulsion-like créme that is easily bendable and highly pigmented - a little goes a long way (so this tube will last for absolutely ages! I received the shade No.2 Cream Peach, which is very peachy, natural and highly silky smooth.

Precious Mineral BB Cream by Etude House 

I have never, ever found my perfect BB Cream due to my combination skin type. I have tried the UK Garnier BB Cream on multiple occasions but each time I have never been fully satisfied - I found the formula stung my eyes, skin and then if my face got wet in any way, I'd have a very patchy complexion. This Etude House BB Cream on the other hand is completely different story and has instantly become my number one foundation. With SPF 30 and a triple action formula - this incredible BB Cream is the answer to all of my prayers. A silky formula that blends better than any foundation I have ver used (it's even better than my holy grail Borjois foundation), this BB Cream smells gorgeous, blends incredibly well, looks flawless, covers all of why imperfections and whitens my skin tone so I can then contour and bronze with complete ease - I honestly can't praise this product enough.

Color My Brows by Etude House

I am obsessed with brow products of this nature. The first brow product that I used similar to this was Benefit's Gimme Brow - since then I have been on the look out for a dupe and I have definitely found one. Highly pigmented and of a super fabulous formula, this incredible brow gel/colour works well to lighten or darken your brows depending on the colour brow you desire. I adore this formula and I intact prefer it to Benefit's product and L'Oréal's product too.

Collagen Eye Patches by Etude House

These fabulous collagen eye patches from Etude House are incredibly hydrating and ensure your under eye area is receiving some much needed TLC. If you have dark circles, de-hyrated skin beneath your eyes or you've had a hard day in the office and just want to kick back and relax; these collagen eye patches are perfect for you. Simply apply to under eye area, leave on for 15-20 minutes and then remove and wipe away excess. After using these eye patches my eyes instantly felt more hydrated, after a couple of hours they felt more supple, the next morning the skin didn't look as translucent and they stayed like this for an entire week! I adore these so much.

Black Head Nose Pack

Blackheads are the banes of my life. My nose usually always has tiny little blackheads covering it - which is beyond annoying and something I am sure a lot of you can relate to. I have tried blackhead removal strips before and they worked well but not as well as these. Simply wet your nose, pop on the strip, leave for 15 minutes and whip off super quickly to ensure you're getting maximum results. 

Tea Tree Sheet Face Mask by TONYMOLY

Sheet masks aren't a complete alien concept to me - as here in the UK a few sheet masks are sold in local drugstores, but in Korea, sheet masks are HUGE - every online Korean beauty store stocks them and most Korean beauty blogs I read adore them, so when I found this fabulous Tea Tree Sheet Mask by TONYMOLY sitting inside my YESSTYLE box - I was so made up! Super easy to use and a scent that is truly divine - this fabulous sheet mask is SO perfect for troublesome skin that may be spot prone, acne prone, stressed out or prone to flushing. I ADORE this sheet mask and definitely need to get them all, as there's a variety of different scents with different benefits.

Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige

As we're nearing the Autumn, it's highly important that we keep our lips in perfect condition. My lips are highly prone to cracking and splitting throughout the Autumn and Winter months. As the weather changes, our lips can't keep up with the change, so it's best to overcome these problems as quickly as possible! Using Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask is honestly such a godsend towards the end of the year. This whole 'sleeping mask' concept was completely new to me and I was SO excited to try it out. You simply apply a thin or thick layer of this cream like formula to your lips every night before you go to bed - leave it on overnight before washing your lips the following morning to reveal the smoothest lips you've ever had. This product is honestly my most favourite lip product in the world as it ensures my lips are silky, smooth and protected. This product is especially good if you're an avid (matte) lipstick wearer, like myself!

10 Seconds Gel Eyeliner Pencil by BEAUTY PEOPLE

I'd honestly never seen such a glittery eyeliner before setting eyes on this beautiful product. A gorgeous Burgundy tone with glitter throughout, which ensures your eye makeup is beyond beautiful. Glides on precisely with ease and stays in place all day, this fabulous eye pencil is of a gel like formula that gives definition and colour to your makeup look. Unlike any other eye pencil I have ever used, this pencil matches perfectly with a rusty Burgundy eye look and berry lips and is bang on trend for AW16!

Creamy Lip and Cheek Cushion Tint by MACQUEEN

If you're looking for a natural looking makeup look with your lips and cheeks matching in perfect harmony, then this MACQUEEN lip and cheek cushion tint is perfect for you. I have mine in the shade Light Pink - which is a beautifully nude and natural pinkly lilac toned créme that can be applied to your lips and cheeks for long-lasting and beautiful colour. I adore this product as it ensures my blush and lipstick is the exact same colour and stays put for hours on end.

Trying out YESSTYLE's beauty blogger Korean Beauty box is one of my favourite blogging experience so far. I love trying out new brands of makeup from different corners of the world. I am so thankful that I have discovered Korean beauty as I adore it SO much and couldn't be without some of the products from this box. All of these products are available from YESSTYLE in their Top 10 Must Try Beauty Products, click here to see all 10 on the YESSTYLE official website.

Have you tried any Korean Beauty products? Is there a particular product you'd like to try from the list above? Let me know below! 

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  1. I am new to Korean skincare too. I ordered some Tony Moly sheet masks and I cannot wait to receive and try them! Yayy! :)


    1. Let me know how you get on with them! I adore Tony Moly's sheet masks! - Mollie xxx

  2. This box sounds like a wonderful idea! I've been wanting to try out more Korean beauty products ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Korean Beauty products are definitely my new obsession! - Mollie xxx

  3. ah i love yes style! so jealous of all your things korean beauty products always hold such amazing dupes and finds!
    jen / enter my too faced giveaway x

  4. Ooh, I've never heard of this before. I love everything you've mentioned. I'm particularly interested in trying the lip tint kit and why not try another blackhead removal remedy?xx

  5. Oooh these are soooo pretty! You've got yourself a good haul! I like Tony Moly, even though I've only tried one product from their stores. I think I should buy more Korean make up after all my makeup have been emptied out! :)


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