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I am a massive lover of trying out new makeup products. Makeup is something I use near on every day of my life. Makeup is a way for some people to express themselves. Makeup can be something you collect and makeup can be something you just adore. I adore makeup and I also adore discovering new brands that could potentially become my new favourite brands. Today I will be sharing with you my new discoveries...

From bold brows, long-lasting mascara, a killer highlight and 2-in-1 lip and cheek tint - this post will introduce you to some incredible makeup products that I just can't get enough of.

W7 Cheeky Chaps Blush

This gorgeous coral toned blush by W7 is a real winner. With a gorgeous pink undertone with hints of glitter, this fabulous blush looks amazing on the apples of your cheeks to give a gorgeous pinky flush which looks both natural and bloody beautiful. I'm pretty new to this brand but since trying this blush along with a couple of their other products, I have kinda fallen in love with it. A brand that's both affordable and brilliant quality? You just cannot go wrong!!

Saturated Colour Lip Vinyl in 'Lady in Red'

The first of three Saturated Colour products in this post; this fabulous Lip Vinyl is highly pigmented, super glossy and stays in place all day. I adore liquid lipsticks at the moment, I mean, who doesn't? This incredible lip product ticks all of the right boxes for me: a beautiful red hue, tick! A fabulous liquid formula, tick! A gorgeous scent as you apply, tick! This lipstick really does tick all of the right boxes and it's now my staple red lippie - I adore it so much and highly recommend it to anybody looking for a non-matte, high shine, long-lasting, highly pigmented red lipstick! This lip vinyl by Saturated Colour is available from their website and retails at £7.00 - find it here.

Saturated Colour SheerStick in 'Dewy Natural'

Nude lips are all of the rage these days. Personally, I'm more of a bold lip girl - I adore my reds, pinks, berries and oranges - but this lipstick actually surprised me a lot. Some days I can't always be bothered to rock a red lip and a full face of makeup - this is when I turn to this fabulous SheerStick by Saturated Colour. If you're going for a 'no makeup' makeup look OR you're not really one to wear bold lips all of the time, this lip product is for you. This super sheer SheerStick is glossy, shiny and ever so natural. It keeps your lips moisturised, soft, silky and smooth whilst delivering a sheer tint of nude which looks natural yet on-trend. I adore this lipstick as it's not something I would usually go for but it has surprised me so much and I now really quite like it, although I probably wouldn't re-purchase as I feel it's a little too sheer for my liking. I will still continue to use this SheerStick on 'no makeup' makeup days and I also fully recommend it if you're at school or working in an establishment where you can't wear a full face of makeup. This beautifully sheer SheerStick by Saturated Colour retails at £7.00 and is available here!

Natural Collection Black Waterproof Mascara 

Natural Collection is a brand created by Boots. I have known, bought and adored Natural Collection ever since I was really small. It's a brand that has always been there, a brand I can't get enough of and a brand that's highly accessible to everybody. In the past I have used their lip glosses, tinted moisturisers, pressed powders, concealers and nail polishes - their mascara never really interested me at all as I just presumed it wouldn't work well as it was just so, if not, too affordable. But oh boy was I wrong. I can honestly tell you that this mascara is my new holy grail drugstore product and I adore it to pieces!! This mascara comes in at under £2 (uh.. what a winner!) and is available from Boots ins store or online.

Saturated Colour Make Me Shimmer Highlighter Pencil

Highlighters are my everything. No, not the neon pens that you use to highlight important segments of a piece of writing, but the highlighter that shimmers, glimmers and leaves our cheek bones, brow bones and other parts of our face looking sparkly, dewy and just absolutely beautiful. This fabulous highlighter pencil can be used on your cheek bones, bridge of nose and brow bones - plus it can also be used as an eyeshadow or it can be used over the top of lipstick to leave a pretty shimmer. This highlighter pencil smells absolutely delicious which makes it even more tempting. I adore this highlighter as it's super handy (you can take it with you anyway as it has convenient packaging and doesn't take up too much space), it's a creamy formula which means it's easily bendable and it also achieves a very natural yet glamorous finish. The Make Me Shimmer highlighter from Saturated Colour retails at £6.00 and is available from their official website - here.

BPerfect Cosmetics Semi-Permanent Brow Kit in 'Irid Brown'

Brow pomades, brow pencils, brow waxes and brow powders - the list goes on forever. Eyebrows are becoming more and more a must have facial feature. Ever since I was 15 I have been obsessed over my eyebrows, trying out all kinds of brow products to achieve the perfect brows, I just honestly wish I had this fabulous bullet proof brow powder back then when I needed it most. This fabulous brow powder from BPerfect Cosmetics is INCREDIBLE. Usually when using a brow powder, you need a brow wax to hold the powder in place; but this product from BPerfect is an all-in-one which will leave your brows in place ALL DAY LONG - amazing right?! I use the shade Irid Brown, which is a gorgeous deep brown (although I find it has an undertone that would be perfect for red-heads, so I personally use this alongside my holy grail brow pomade). The powder comes packaged in a gorgeous box, complete with brow stencils and a brush also. I adore this product so much and can't go a day without using it now. I do think it's slightly on the pricey side but I do also believe it to be totally worth it. This fabulous brow kit retails at £24.99 and is available from BPerfect Cosmetics' website, click here!

MacQueen Cushion Tint for Lips and Cheeks

Before receiving my Korean Beauty box from YesStyle a couple of months ago, I was completely unfamiliar with lip and cheek tints. I knew they existed of course, but I had never really delved into the world of them. Since trying this lip and cheek cushion by MacQueen, I have fallen in love with them! This is shade #1 which is a beautiful lilac toned pink which I adore to pieces. It's very natural, subtle and super creamy which makes this product the perfect, most blendable cheek and lip tint ever!  Check out my Korean Beauty Box review here.

I might start writing regular 'makeup discovery' segments for my blog so that you guys can see what I'm loving and what I'm not loving as much. I pride myself on the honesty of my blog. I ensure it's 100% honest and objective so that you, my valued reader and potential customer of the brands I write about, can grasp a full understanding on what products are truly like before spending your hard earned cash on products. 

What're your September Makeup Discoveries? Comment below with a product you've been loving this September and a product you probably wouldn't re-purchase!

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