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Makeup Organisation is a massive thing in any beauty lovers life. Acrylic makeup storage is a MUST in this day and age. Ever since it popped up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, beauty lovers and makeup artists scoured the internet (and the world) for something equally as beautiful to store their large collections of beauty products in. In this post I shall be sharing my makeup collection/storage with you; featuring this GORGEOUS acrylic makeup organiser by Red Bow Beauty Box.

Being organised when it comes to makeup

I am a Virgo, which means I like to be organised. Okay, 'like' is definitely an understatement. I love to be organised. I can't go to bed unless my makeup is stored away beautifully, my clothes are hung up neatly and my bag for college the next day is ready and packed. I love acrylic makeup organisers. Purely because you can see all of your gorgeous makeup waiting to be used. Makeup these days is made in the most gorgeous packaging, so it's too much of a shame to tidy it away into a makeup bag or drawer, especially when the alternative is sleek, chic and Kardashian approved.

Introducing... The Red Bow Beauty Box

There's a new acrylic beauty box on the market, the Red Bow Beauty Box. The Red Bow Beauty Box was created by a woman who's budding makeup artist daughter was looking for something suitable to store all of her makeup in, as she was unable to find something that suited the size and style she desired, her mum decided to design one to suit and fulfil her daughter's needs and that's how the Red Bow Beauty Box was born. Alison, the creator of Red Box, created this fabulous, sleek and durable makeup organiser alongside a few makeup artists to come up with some unique features that haven't been seen in any other product like this before. This fabulous makeup organiser boasts of a removable top tier (which is demonstrated later on in this post), removable dividers in the top tier to ensure ease of cleaning, 4 ways in which you can use the top tier, crystal clear acrylic that is completely see-through and shiny and the most gorgeous crystal handles.

Top tier - Foundations, Lipsticks and Perfumes

In the top tier of my Red Bow Beauty Box, I tend to store all of my face base products (on the left hand side). In this compartment I keep my primers, facial oils, foundations, BB creams and liquid cheek tints. Behind my face base products (still on the left hand side) I keep my favourite Juicy Couture perfumes and my holy grail hairbrush by Tangle Angle. Now onto the right hand side of the top tier - here is where I store my most-used lipsticks. My classic lipsticks are situated at the front and my liquid lipsticks at the back.

First drawer - Face powders, highlighters and blushers

The first drawer of my Red Bow Beauty Box contains my face powders, baked foundations, highlighters, blushes, concealer pens, contour and highlighter sticks. As the acrylic is SO crystal clear, I can see right inside my box without the need to open every drawer to find the product I want to use.

Second drawer - Mini eye palettes and boxed makeup

In my second draw, I tend to keep my eyeshadows (singles and mini palettes), new mascaras and brow products, my favourite and most used eyeliners and some lip balms also. The drawers are highly spacious, a lot more spacious than the Muji acrylic storage I also own. I definitely prefer this acrylic storage to any makeup storage I have ever owned or seen in the flesh, as it's a lot more crystal clear, the handles are exquisite and the drawers are super, super spacious.

Third drawer - big palettes and boxed makeup

Inside the third drawer, I store any of my spare boxed makeup as well as my larger palettes such as my 35 shade Crown Brush palette and my 35 shade Morphe Brushes palette. My larger palettes have never had a proper home so I am SUPER happy that they fit inside this fabulous storage by Red Bow.

Large bottom drawer - Medium palettes

Inside the final drawer, which is a lot larger than the other spacious drawers, is my smaller palettes by MUA, Makeup Revolution, Seventeen, Technic and a few other brands too. I find it incredible that these drawers are big enough to hold my makeup palettes standing upright as like the bigger palettes, they just had to sit inside my chest of drawers.

Removable Top Tier

The top tier is removable which means I can rearrange my makeup set up as and when I desire. If I buy a new decorative piece for my room or get some new makeup - I can simply and easily rearrange my set up. Simply lift the top tier of the Red Bow Beauty Box off of the drawers and place where desired. This then gives you freedom to decorate the top of the drawers in a way that you want. 

The Red Bow Beauty box is definitely the best acrylic beauty storage on the market. New and innovative, unlike any other storage box on the market, clean, crisp, fresh and crystal clear - this beauty storage box is definitely a showstopper. This fabulous beauty box retails at £95 and you can purchase it by clicking here.

I adore my new beauty storage and have definitely demoted my Muji boxes to storing just my lipsticks (as I own hundreds - seriously). Let me know in the comments what you think of Red Bow and if you like acrylic makeup storage - I love to know what you guys think!

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  1. I have seen similar storage drawers like this EVERYWHERE and for years! But, can you believe that I don't own acrylic storage myself? :( I have no room for them anywhere. I love the size of the draws though and the spaces for the lipsticks and makeup brushes x

  2. i love make up storage posts this was great x

  3. Oh this is such a nice storage box. I have plenty of storage boxes for my lipsticks and mascaras but I don't own any with drawers! Will check it out! :)



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