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JOIK is another brand I discovered thanks to LoveLula. I absolutely adore shopping on LoveLula as it's a great way to discover new and exciting brands like JOIK. I have been trying out some bath-time pamper products by JOIK and I just have to share my thoughts on them with you. Keep on reading to hear about their highly fragranced bathing salts and their ever so beautiful and super sweet smelling Raspberry and Almond Oil Body Lotion...

Natural beauty and skincare products make me incredibly happy. JOIK is an all natural brand from Estonia and a brand I have majorly fallen in love with. Affordable prices and opulent fragrances, JOIK is brand you'll adore too.

Relaxing Bath Salts

RRP: £6.00
I got two incredible luxurious bath salts from JOIK via LoveLula. I got two fragrances, one in Lavender and the other in Citrus. I got these two amazing fragrances as I wanted to use the Lavender at night to calm and soothe away my worries, and I wanted to use the Citrus in the morning to wake up up, revive my senses and prepare me for the day ahead. I hadn't really used bath salts before trying these by JOIK and I'm still slightly dubious about them now. They smell absolutely gorgeous when the bath is running but once it's full up, the smell disappears and you wouldn't know you had used any. The next few times I tried them I used more than the recommended amount and it was slightly better. You're supposed to use a couple of tablespoons but I recommend using one third of the container when running a bath with these bath salts, purely so you can make the most of the gorgeous fragrance. Despite the bath salts' faults, I would still purchase these again as they really do add a little something to your daily bathing experience. The citrus fragrance revives and awakens your body and senses whilst the Lavender soothes and relaxes your body and senses.

Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion

RRP: £10.50
This body lotion has to be one of my favourite body lotions in the world. The moment I saw this on LoveLula's website, I just HAD to add one to the cart! Not only is this beautiful lotion baby pink, but it smells of fresh raspberries, contains almond oil and has glitter within the formula.. yes.. GLITTER!! This body lotion is a dream come true within a bottle, it really is. I adore using this body lotion on my legs when I wear dresses and skirts and I also adore using this body lotion on my arms, décolletage and collar bones to illuminate, highlight and add a pretty sparkling glow. Not only does this body lotion ensure you shimmer all day long but it also ensures you smell gorgeous too. I highly recommend this body lotion as it smells divine, smoothes you skin and adds the most gorgeous glow imaginable - think of it as a scented liquid illuminator for your body. 

JOIK is a brand I really adore - it's a brand I had never heard of before but I am now so happy I know of it. I just had to share this brand with you all, as I feel it's a great, affordable, luxurious brand. I really want to try their candles next time I make an order, as they look absolutely divine!!

I highly recommend both LoveLula and JOIK - especially if you love organic skincare and other beauty products.

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