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Autumn has to be my favourite season - it's not too hot and it's not too cold, the leaves on the trees are changing colour, wearing autumnal colours is acceptable and the berry lipsticks come out of hibernation from the previous year. Essence Cosmetics is a brand that is highly affordable and boasts of incredible products and as my favourite season is approaching us which is Autumn, I'd like to share with you my top Autumnal make products from them...

Long-lasting Lipstick in '24 Velvet Matt'

RRP: £2.30
I am a massive lover of dark lipsticks (although my mum hates them with a passion) and I adore sporting a berry lip for the Autumn and Winter months. This lipstick by Essence in '24 Velvet Matt' is so perfect for AW16. A super creamy formula, which is both pigmented and long-lasting, this lipstick will last for hours with out slacking in pigment and colour. This lipstick matches perfectly with the nail polish below, if you'd like to match your lips with your nails.

Lipliner in '08 Red Blush'

RRP: £1.00
This berry red lip duo from Essence is the perfect combination for the Autumnal months. A gorgeous red lip liner mixed with a berry toned matt lipstick gives the perfect ombre lip effect, which girls are lusting over just recently. This lipliner is the perfect contrasting colour to use as a liner and I adore the effect it gives.

Autumnal eyes are all about muted tones, as your lips really do usually take centre stage in the Fall, so light grey lids with a darker grey transitional shade in the crease, makes the perfect autumnal eye look. This gorgeous palette by Essence 'All about greys' is a gorgeous pigmented palette which includes 8 dreamy shades ranging from light to dark.

All about the greys eyeshadow palette

RRP: £4.00

A dreamy eyeshadow palette full the to brim with shades that are just perfect for Autumn. 8 highly pigmented grey toned shades, 4 of a lighter nature and 4 of a darker nature - a perfect combination and ratio to create soft and darker eye looks. This palette is so perfect for any time of the year but definitely more so for the Autumn and Winter months. Prior to using this palette I was very dubious - I thought the colour pay off would be poor, the pigmentation would be slacking and the colours would be very 'wishy washy' but oh my gosh, I was VERY much mistaken. This palette is THE BEST possible drugstore palette I have EVER used and I love it SO much!! I highly recommend this.

I tend to care more about my nails in the Autumn months compared to any other month or season. Autumnal nails are so deep, dark and beautiful. I am a massive lover of burgundy tones for my nails in the Fall and this trio of nail polishes is oh so perfect. Three gel nail polishes: base coat, colour coat and top coat. These three nail polishes by essence are oh so perfect or Autumn.

The Gel Nail Polish 'Base Coat'

RRP: £2.50
This base coat is incredible, ensures my nails have a smooth base before applying colour and ensures my nail polish and overall manicure lasts a longer than usual. For this tiny price, it's a no brainer!

The Gel Nail Polish 'The Darks' in '58 Need your love'

RRP: £1.60
A super gorgeous deep berry colour - perfect for these Autumn and Winter months. This nail polish matches perfectly with the lipstick featured above. This polish (used in conjunction with the base coat and top coat) lasts for up to one week, which is so fricking incredible! I adore this colour and the gel formula of the polish also, it's SO shiny and glossy!

The Gel Nail Polish 'Top Coat'

RRP: £2.50
This fabulous top coat works so well over the top of the berry coloured polish featured above. If you're looking for glossy, gel looking, salon quality, professional nails; this gel nail polish trio by Essence is perfect for you and will suit anybody's budget!

Matt Touch Blush

RRP: £1.00
Prior to this year, I wasn't a big lover or user of blush. In fact I never owned a blush prior to the beginning of this year, I now own around 6 and I adore using blush so much. I feel that blush ensures my cheeks look pinky, healthy and flushed - which I like a lot with certain makeup looks. This fabulous coral hued blush by Essence is so perfect throughout the entire year used with any makeup look imaginable. This blush is super pigmented and blends seamlessly and flawlessly. For £1.00, I can think of no flaws whatsoever!

Eyeliner pen

RRP: £2.00
Eyeliner pens are such easy and convenient ways of applying liner to your eyes to achieve a defined and classic makeup look. This eyeliner pen by Essence is really easy to apply and very similar to L'Oréal's Superliner, which retails at a lot more than this affordable liner.

Mascara Get BIG! Lashes

RRP: £2.30
A girl can never own too many mascaras? Right?! I adore mascaras and I am in very many ways, a mascara hoarder (well, I'm a makeup hoarder too, isn't everyone?! Oops!). When you see a mascara for under £3.00, how can anybody resist? This mascara is absolutely incredible for anybody starting their makeup makeup collection, OR adding to their makeup collection. This mascara doesn't clump but I do find it does't have as much volume as other higher end mascaras I have used. I find that it doesn't exactly plump my lashes to the max so I tend to use this mascara under other mascaras as an almost, 'primer'. It's a great mascara to add to anybody's makeup collection, especially as it's only £2.30!

Have you tried anything from Essence before? If you haven't - what would you most like to try from my Essence Makeup Autumn picks? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. I love essence makeup! Good quality and very affordable! thanks for sharing!

    Darriyan♡ |

    1. Thank you for reading beautiful! I adore Essence too, all of their products seem so incredible! - Mollie xxx

  2. These all look lovely! I love Essence and autumn makeup, so this is the perfect combination ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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