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Keeping my hands clean is a definite must for me, as it is for everybody. I sometimes find that washing my hands with a traditional bar of soap can be highly unhygienic and grimy - 'Why?' I hear you ask; well, it's not the most hygienic way of keeping hygienic yourself. If you have one bar of soap at the kitchen sink that you and other family or household members may use after handling raw meats or smelly foods and then 2 days later you pick it up to use after cleaning the floor and then you make yourself a sandwich - just imagine all of those germs that you're spreading and then digesting - EW! Disgusting, right!? Liquid Soap is a must-have for me and in my household as I feel it's a lot more hygienic for your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Instead of having the traditional bar of soap situated at your kitchen or bathroom sink and instead of having a mundane smelling liquid soap, why not have a gorgeously presented, sweet smelling soap that compliments the interior of your desired room and ensures your hands are cleaned throughly and are left smelling divine - Welcome to Ecosoapia.

Ecosoapia is a 100% Vegan, SLS-free, parabon free and cruelty free liquid soap brand. Ecosoapia use the world's finest botanicals to make the world's finest liquid soap. They have the strictest criteria when it comes to soap making, which ensures we get the highest quality liquid soap possible. Featured in Vogue, Elle and Grazia; this organic liquid soap is a must-have for absolutely any and every household.

If you're looking for a floral scented liquid soap that can be used all over your body or just on your hands, Ecosoapia's Lavender or Rose Geranium Hand & Body Washes will be perfect for you. The Lavender Hand & Body Wash smells true to life and the liquid soap itself is based on a 1930s family recipe. Made with vegetable-based Castile, like all soaps by Ecosoapia, this gorgeously soothing and relaxing lavender scented liquid soap, lathers like nothing I have ever seen before. Usually after using some liquid soaps by some cheaper brands, my hands are usually dried out and need to be moisturised with some hand cream, but since using Ecosoapia's Liquid Soap, my hands feel hydrated, moisturised and highly smooth. The Rose Geranium Hand & Body Wash has a very uplifting and reviving scent yet it still soothes and relaxes your mind and skin. Again, with the Castile ingredient, this fabulous Hand & Body wash by Ecosoapia forms a luxurious and opulent lather that challenges all other soaps, including those that contain the SLS ingredient.

I adore these liquid hand soaps by Ecosoapia very much. My favourite scent would probably have to be the Rose Geranium.. but then again, Lavender is simply divine; IT'S JUST WAY TOO HARD TO MAKE A DECISION! I absolutely adore each of these liquid hand and body soaps and will definitely be re-purchasing these fragrances as well as their other fragrance - Sicilian Orange. For those of you who aren't too keen on scented hand and body washes, Ecosoapia have created a fabulous unscented hand and body wash. Ecosoapia's Hand and Body wash in the classic 295ml size with handy pump, will set you back a tiny amount of only £6.95. These soaps will last you absolutely ages if you're only using them for washing your hands, but if you give in to the fabulous and addictive fragrance and decide to use them as an all-over body wash, then expect them to last a little less. Ecosoapia are available from Love Lula, a fabulous Organic beauty site, click here to check out Ecosoapia via Love Lula.

Have you ever tried this brand of liquid soap? Would you purchase this fabulous botanical liquid soap? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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1 comment

  1. The bottle is so pretty! Love that it's paraben-free too :)

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here


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