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I'm on a health kick at the moment. I've realised that health and being healthy isn't something that just happens. You need to put some work into it and you need to keep it up too. When a new product comes out, a product that claims it can support my immune system and ensure I'm in tip-top condition, I just can't say no. When I saw Forza was releasing 'Greens with Benefits' I just had to try it out.

It's so hard to stay healthy in this day and age, yet so easy at the same time. With the influx of fast food retailers on the high street it can be so tempting to feed bad chemicals and ingredients into our bodies but it is also just as easy to feed good and wholesome nutrients in our bodies too. I've been trying Greens with Benefits by Forza for a couple of weeks and in the time I have been trying it, I have noticed a massive improvement in my overall feeling of wellness. As I'm currently dieting and cutting out bad foods that I am probably used to eating on a daily basis, it's important to feed a good and nutritious replacement into my body, and that's where this fabulous powder comes in to play.

Greens with Benefits is a whole load of nutrients ground down into the most nutritious powder you could ever imagine. Barley Grass, Spirulina, Kale and a whole lot more of green goodness. Each serving also contains 100%+ of your daily recommended vitamins C, D and E, to help to support the normal function of the immune system and protect cells from oxidative stress. What I love most about this fabulous powder, is how it tastes so nice! Once two spoonfuls are mixed with a little water to create a glass of highly nutritious lemon flavoured water, this powder can be sipped or drank straight down. This powder can be shaken or stirred, I prefer stirring the powder with water as it's more convenient for me. If the thought of mixing this powder with water is a little scary for you, don't worry as you can can mix two spoonfuls with juice, smoothies, yoghurt, salad or anything else you eat. I love the powder mixed with water as it tastes just like lemon sherbet and the thought of mixing it with a salad just doesn't appeal to me as much, but each to their own! How would you want to take this powder? Let me know! 

The entire Greens with Benefits range not only contains this Immunity Support powder, but it also contains another powder, an Energy powder, which contains cherry, pomegranate, beetroot and goji berry. The Greens with Benefits range also contains two lots of capsules - Beauty Care and Brain Food. I would love to try the Brainfood capsules soon, so when I go back to college in September I'll be ready to learn and my body will be packed with Iron and Vitamin B12 to ensure I'm energised and revived.

I highly recommend this new range by Forza, especially this fabulous Immunity Support powder - it is so nutritious and SO good for your body and immune system, it's now my ultimate must have. You can purchase Forza's new range 'Greens with Benefits' from your local Boots store (or online) from August 22nd and of course direct from the Forza website

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  1. Lemon sherbert?! I'm down if it tastes like that! lol

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    1. It's amazing! It tastes good and does good! I 100% recommend! :) - Mollie xxx


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