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Crown Brush are a brand that I had always wanted to try but had never really got around to (which I totally regret now). Crown Brush are an incredible brand that sell everything a makeup lover could possibly wish for. From the highest quality makeup brushes to the most dreamy and Instagramable eyeshadow palettes, Crown Brush really is a gem of a makeup brand that I recommend to you 100%.

In this blog post I will be sharing with you all my Crown Brush haul. In this haul there is a variety of products from brushes, to palettes and liquid highlighters to eye pencils. All of Crown Brush's products are made to the highest of quality, which is something I love most about this brand. Each of their products is well made and formulated to ensure customer satisfaction.

This Crown Brush Haul features their; 35 shade nude eyeshadow palette, Illuminating Liquid Highlighter, a chubby eye pencil, a glam shadow stick and a collection of some of their incredible and highly popular brushes.

35 Nude Eyeshadow Palette

RRP: £19.99
This eyeshadow palette features 35 incredible and highly pigmented shades from gorgeous hues of orange to deep plum tones. Each shade in this mega palette is beautiful and to a very high quality. Upon first impressions, you'd think the colour pay off wouldn't be as deep but upon application it's surprising to say that the colour pay off is really deep and super pigmented. These eyeshadows blend out incredibly well and I was really impressed with this palette as I didn't think I'd love it as much as I do. I knew that I'd love it, but not this much! This palette is definitely my new everyday go-to palette as the shades inside can be worn every single day without fail! My only fault with this palette is the clasp/button which closes and opens the palette, sometimes falls off, which means I have to click it back into place. But this minor fault is something so minor it really doesn't affect the overall palette.

Chubby Eye Pencil in 'Silver Bullet' 

RRP: £3.99
This chubby eye pencil is absolutely incredible. Before Summer 2016, I hadn't really experimented with different colour eye pencils but this summer I have really gone for it. I'm loving Blue liner at the moment so when I saw this GORGEOUS chubby pencil on Crown Brush's website in the shade 'Silver Bullet' I just had to get it - it's absolutely beautiful. Creamy and highly pigmented, this eye pencil is unlike any other eye pencil I have used before. Super shimmery, highly metallic and the pigments catch the light so perfectly, I am in love! I adore using this alongside a blue eye pencil on the lower lash line, or it's great to be used alone with lashings on mascara.

Glam Shadow Stick in 'Copper'

RRP: £3.99
This shadow stick is my new 'go-to' easy eyeshadow and highlighter. Yes, you did read that right. This fabulous shadow stick is a multitasking dream. I had been on the look out for an eyeshadow stick for quite a while so when I saw they had this in Copper, it was definitely a no brainer. Copper shadows are such a staple for my makeup bag and when an eyeshadow can double up as a highlighter I just cannot get enough of it. Pearlescent, creamy and glimmery - this fabulous Glam Shadow Stick by Crown Brush is incredible. Perfect for covering your entire lid with, perfect for the inner corners to highlight and define, perfect for your brow bone and perfect for your cupid's bow. Multitasking makeup is definitely a godsend for many of us makeup addicts, so if your looking for a coppery, skin toned, multitasking eyeshadow come compact highlighter, look no further.

Illuminating Liquid Highlighter in FK140

RRP: £17.99
THIS HIGHLIGHTER IS MY EVERYTHING. MY NEW HOLY GRAIL. I AM IN LOVE. It seems like I have been on the look out for the perfect highlighter forever and ever. I have never been able to find the perfect shade, tone or texture for me and my skin. Liquid highlighters had always seemed like an interesting concept to me and I just couldn't say no to this liquid highlighting dream. In the bottle, this highlighter just looks like a white shimmery cream but once applied to the cheekbone, WOAH - it glows like nothing I have ever seen before! With pinky undertones (which are definitely my favourite highlighting undertones) this gorgeous highlighter looks so beautiful, yet so natural. The pink undertones really do brighten your complexion and ensure your cheeks look flushed and natural.

Crown Brushes

Makeup brushes are a must and good quality ones are even more so. I adore Crown Brushes as they are incredible quality and highly durable. I got 4 of their brushes, just to try them out and I was super impressed. I received a Brow Duo, which is absolutely incredible and I honestly could't be without it now. I was previously using a single spoolie and a single hard angled brow brush but this little kit makes it super easy and I find the application is a lot better to my previous brow brushes. Crown's Deluxe Eyeliner is also a great brush, I needed a brush like this so I could nail the sought after cut crease look with a super thin and precise line. It works a treat! Now for my two favourite brushes, ever. Honestly - they're incredible. The Precision Crease and the Deluxe Blending Crease are incredible, so soft, fluffy, yet precise and perfect. The Precision Crease is great for blending and smudging, whereas the Deluxe Blending Crease is perfect for really blending and getting a seamless blend. 

Overall, my first impressions of trying out Crown Brush have been extremely positive. I didn't think I'd like this brand as much as I do, I think their products are to a really high standard and I really do adore them all. I will definitely be purchasing some more Crown Brush makeup and brushes in the future as I really want to try their 'Over Exposed Palette' as it looks like a complete dupe of the Naked 3 Palette. I need it so bad.. *insert heart face emoji here*.

Have you tried anything from Crown Brush? If you have, what did you try? If you haven't, what would you like to try? - Comment below as I would LOVE to know! 

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