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Nip+Fab are a brand that are highly commended in the world of beauty. Innovative products that help you achieve the best results imaginable and target the most problematic areas of your skin. If you're looking for high-end results for a high-street price, then Nip+Fab are definitely for you!
In this blog post I will be talking you through a collection of products that I'm adoring at the moment. Products that are helping my skin improve, day by day, products that are helping my skin look its best and feel its best. In this post I shall be talking about their Glycolic Fix range, their Bee Sting range and their infamous Dragon Blood range.

Glycolic Fix 

Nip+Fab's Glycolic Fix range is the ultimate exfoliating range that features Glycolic acid. Glycolic acid works deep into the skin and pores to cleanse the skin to reveal a soft, smooth and radiant complexion. From this range I have their Glycolic Scub Fix and their Overnight Purifying Gel - two products that are perfect when used in conjunction with each other. The Glycolic Scrub boasts of 3% Glycolic and Salicylic acids that refine and brighten your skin. The scrub smells divine and oh so fruity with its Grapefruit fragrance. I have always suffered with blemishes and acne but I have never got along with scrubs, until this miracle scrub came along. After the first use, I noticed my skin was glowing more than usual, felt super smooth and my blemishes looked visibly smaller and less visible all together. After using the scrub I then applied the Overnight Purifying Gel before going to bed. When I wake up in the morning after using my new FAVOURITE deep cleansing purifying gel, my skin feels like never before - smooth, silky and my skin tone looks visibly brighter and more supple. I couldn't live without Nip+Fab - especially this wonder duo!

Bee Sting

The Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask is "an advanced performance gel mask combining bee venom with 3D express lifting technology. Wrinkles appear visibly smoother and skin feels firmer for the appearance of a more lifted facial contour." The Bee Venom controls the facial muscles, increases blood circulation and fills in wrinkles. The Bee Sting Lifting Mask also contains Propolis which is a great skin healer, Gransil which achieves a matte finish, AC Moisture Plex which moisturises your skin and Instensyl which lifts and smooths within 30 minutes of applying. 

After using this product my skin felt so moisturised and smooth, any laughter lines I had before seemed smoother, my face felt plumped and tight and my skin was mattified and not greasy. At first I was very dubious about using this product as it says on the packaging - 'Do not use if you're allergic to Bee Stings' and I didn't know if I was or not, but it was absolutely fine as I am clearly not allergic. I and Nip+Fab both recommend doing a patch test of this product before diving in and using the product fully.

Dragon's Blood

Nip and Fab are highly renowned for their Dragon's Blood range. As used by Kylie Jenner, this range is what really sets them apart from other high-end skincare brands. Dragon's Blood from the Croton Lechleri Tree forms a protective film onto your skin to protect it against the environment, Velvet Flower enhances and illuminates, Gransil EP-9 smooths and mattifies by soaking up excess oils and Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and refines skin texture. All of the above ingredients are prominent in the Nip and Fab Dragon's Blood Serum. The serum is of a gorgeous texture, glides onto the skin with easy and doesn't feel sticky, oily or greasy. Like Kylie Jenner, I love using this underneath makeup, especially on a hot day as I find it almost acts like a primer! The serum leaves my skin feeling replenished and revived, smooth and silky.  The Dragon's Blood Fix Pads also contain Witch Hazel, which fights blemishes, reduces redness and tightens pores. I recommend using the Serum in the morning and the Pads after removing makeup - this way you're getting benefits from the Nip+Fab Dragon's Blood range all day and all night long. The pads are a great travel product, perfect for your nightstand and a must have in my current skincare routine, they leave my skin feeling refreshes, refined and hydrated more than ever before, without feeling sticky or wet.

Before trying these fabulous products, I had never tried Nip+Fab before and I'm actually kicking myself as I really wish I had tried them earlier. I can't fault their products whatsoever, they all have benefited my skin dramatically and I couldn't be without them, they're honestly amazing. If you're looking for a new affordable yet luxurious skincare brand to try, then look no further, Nip+Fab is your perfect match.

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  1. This brand sounds interesting!

    - Edie

    1. It's a brand I am utterly in love with, I am so glad I discovered it! - Mollie xxxx

  2. This was such a fab read! Ive just brought the dragons blood serum so I can't wait to try it out! Looks like I maybe adding a few more items to my list after reading this post! x

    Shan | missshanlouise


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