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When I was contacted by the lovely team at My Purrfect Gift Box asking if I'd like to review one of their monthly subscription boxes, I just couldn't say no. My Purrfect Gift Box is a monthly subscription box aimed at cat lovers, like myself, My Purrfect Gift Box deliver cat themed gifts to your door every month. You can choose a 3 or 6 month billing cycle - whichever suits your budget. Not only does this amazing box come filled to the brim with stylish kitty themed gifts for me, but if you choose the option to include gifts for your cat then you'll receive gifts for you both.

The box I'll be reviewing for you all today is their June 'Head to the beach' box. This box contains all sorts of holiday essentials for crazy cat ladies and their little balls of fluff. There's 5 gifts for the cat mummy's and 3 gifts for your fury friend. The gifts for me include: A gorgeous tortoiseshell pair of cat eye sunglasses, a gorgeous handmade sunglasses case, a minty fresh Catnip lip balm, a fabulous tote bag and two beautiful luggage tags - all of these gifts are oh so perfect for the summer months. The gifts for Carnaby (my little 10 month old kitten) include: a A RuffleSnuffle Cat Candy catnip filled toy, a beautiful bowel and a delicious pouch of Encore cat food. As soon as we unboxed the box full of goodies we were both beaming with happiness.

The Sunglasses and gorgeous case are two beautiful, highly fashionable products. Sunglasses can be an odd thing to buy as you need to get it right with the shape of them and the shape of your face but the frame on these gorgeous cat eye style sunglasses is purrfect! The sunglasses case is absolutely beautiful and as a massive lover of the colour pink, it ticks all of the right boxes. 

The box also included a beautifully artistic tote bag which is just perfect for heading to the beach with. Boasting of 100% cotton and a beautifully illustrated work of art on the front, it's a must have for summer. Perfect for carrying your beach essentials or even perfect as a shopping bag for when you're buying new goodies for you little cat or kitten.

Two gorgeously vivid luggage tags were also included in the June gift box, which are ever so perfect for Summer. Cute little cats in all different bright and vivid colours fill the luggage tags, back and front. Easy to tie onto your luggage or bag, these cute and funky luggage tags are definitely a head turner and a must have for Summer 2016!

Also in this box stashed full of goodies is this fabulous invention which is a Catnip lip balm. If you're like me and a massive lover of cats, you'll know that cats go absolutely CRAZY for Catnip. Catnip is a catmint which makes cats go absolutely crazy. Some cats will go all soppy and want loads of attention, while others will go mental and run around. If you apply to your lips and then pick up your kitty and give him or her a kiss, he will go all soppy and want to be held, loved, cuddled and then he'll nuzzle into you, which is super cute!

In Carnaby's half of the box there was a gorgeous cat bowl by Mason and Cash, which has the words 'Dinner Time' all around the outer edge and THE cutest cat face inside the bowl which even resembles Carnaby's face - awww! This bowl is super cute and I like the fact it's quite shallow too.  With the bowl, came a delicious pouch of Encore cat food, which Carnaby adored munching his way through.

Now finally, Carnaby's favourite thing from this whole box (apart from the box itself, of course), this gorgeously bright Cat Candy by RuffleSnuffle is the best cat toy I have ever come across and the same goes for Carnaby. As soon as our box was delivered, Carnaby went CRAZY, trying to get inside of the box, trying to bite open the box, before finally seizing his new favourite toy. This Catnip infused toy is sure to make your cat go crazy for Catnip. 

My Purrfect Gift Box is THE purrfect subscription (or one off) box for any self confessed crazy cat lady who may or may not have cats of their own. Last year when I didn't have Carnaby I would have totally wanted one of these incredible boxes full of cute and stylish cat themed gifts for me but having Carnaby and getting cute little gifts for him makes it all the more appealing. The boxes start at £15.95 and go up to £27.95 - click here to see the 4 different box types. If you're not looking for an entire box but have your eye on one or two of the fabulous products from one of the previous month's boxes, fear not, as you can purchase any of the items individually from their shop.

I think that My Purrfect Gift Box is such an incredible idea - it was founded by two cat lovers, Kim and Juan, for cat lovers. It doesn't matter if you just love cat themed accessories and gifts, if you have cats, or both - My Purrfect Gift Box is purrfect for any cat lover. I 100% recommend My Purrfect Gift Box - whether you're looking to buy one stand alone, one off item, subscribe to a monthly subscription box to buy a one off box, there's something for everybody and every budget.

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  1. Wow Mollie! This sounds like an awesome subscription box.

    - Edie

    1. It really is! Thank you so much for reading! - Mollie xxx

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