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I have never been what society defines as 'slim' and I have never aspired to be 'skinny' - I'm just your average, slightly curvy girl who wouldn't mind toning up and slimming down ever so slightly, so when I got the opportunity to review Forza's Shake it Slim meal replacement plan, I just had to give it a go. Keep on reading to see how I got on with my first week on the Shake it Slim diet...

I'm not a promoter of changing - I believe we are all beautiful and perfect just as we are, but no matter how much somebody tells you that you're okay the way you are, unless you're even the slightest bit happy, you won't listen. I don't want to promote unhealthy dieting or unhealthy lifestyles and if Shake it Slim had shown any negative effects on the way I perceived myself or the way I felt, I wouldn't have reviewed it for you all.

Shake it Slim is the perfect meal replacement plan for anybody looking to lose weight in a healthy way. I've been looking for a way to change my lifestyle and eating habits for some time, but it's just too hard starting it with nothing to follow, so Shake it Slim is the perfect accompaniment to a major lifestyle change. I was sent their 7 day starter pack to review and I fell in love with it. The seven day starter kit includes 14 sachets of shakes - 4 Vanilla, 5 Strawberry and 5 Chocolate. Each of the flavours tasted delicious. I was dubious about the chocolate but nearing the end of the week, I learned to love it a lot more. My favourite shake was the Vanilla - it tastes of melted vanilla ice cream, I'm not even joking!! You simply fill the protein shaker up with around 300ml of water, empty a sachet and shake! The shakes contain 22 vitamins and minerals and are packed with protein too. Once shook, the  shake is smooth and delicious with no lumps whatsoever!

I won't lie and say the first couple of days weren't hard, because they were. I decided to cut out chocolate, crisps, milk, biscuits and bread - so it's safe to say that my eating habits had a major shake up. If you're looking to lose weight Shake it Slim recommend replacing two meals per day with two shakes. I replaced my breakfast and my lunch with a shake and still had a healthy dinner which I ensured included at least 2 full sized portions of fruit and veg. Throughout the day and in between the shakes, I didn't eat anything which contained more than 3g of fat. I rarely did snack to be honest and if I did it would be a piece of fruit or 1 rice cake. The initial seven days of the diet/lifestyle change have really helped me realise that I don't need to have tea and biscuits every morning or a chocolate bar each evening, I've trained my stomach to not want snacks and nasty processed food.

Now the seven days are up, I'm not stopping the diet, as it's now my new lifestyle. I will be having one shake every morning for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a balanced dinner packed with fresh veg and throughout the day if I get peckish, I'll be snacking on rice cakes or fresh fruit. Not forgetting excersise! For the past 2-3 months I have been working out most nights and I will continue to do this to achieve maximum results! Eventually I will cut out the shakes all together and my lifestyle and eating habits will be 100% transformed and it will all be thanks to Forza! I will keep you updated with my progress, so stay tuned!

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