Why it's important to vote and why I'll be voting 'leave' in the EU referendum

Saturday, 18 June 2016

It's so important to vote! No, I'm not referring to voting for your favourite act on Britain's Got Talent, I'm talking about life changing referendums and elections. Voting is a right that young and old should take full advantage of.

Before turning 18 last year I knew the basics about politics and current affairs, but not as much as I should have. Looking back, I wish I had have paid more attention to it all, although I am beyond lucky that I have finally engrossed myself with the world of politics before the EU referendum takes place. You will definitely know what the EU referendum is, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months. For those of you whom aren't incredibly interested in politics and the goings on in our country and the rest of the world, the EU referendum is a vote to decide whether or not we, the United Kingdom, should stay within the European Union or not. There has been numerous amounts of debates, rallies and speeches aired on Television, Radio and Social Media these past few weeks and as we are nearing the referendum day, June 23rd, things are getting ever so heated in the world of 'Vote Leave' and 'Vote Remain' - but which side will you be taking? Why should you vote? Why is it so important for YOU to cross one of the two boxes on June 23rd?

Voting is a right, a right to have a say, a right to change the world for better, or for worse. It's up to you to make your mind up with how you vote, but it's very important that you use it. Many young people believe their vote to be pointless and useless, but every vote counts and every vote has the chance to be the decider of Britain's future, whether it be in a referendum such as the one our nation will be facing in just a matter of days, or an election where the nation decides on the Prime Minister. The referendum approaching us at the moment is probably the most important referendum the UK are set to have - it will be life changing, there's no doubt about that. Voting is important, it's important for your future, your future family's future and their family's future. Make sure you listen to the majority of debates, speeches and live broadcasts, be sure to take all points into consideration and be sure to have an open mind when listening to any of the debates and speeches.

Now we have covered why YOU and I both need to vote, let's have a little look at why I will be voting 'leave' on June 23rd.

I have taken into consideration both sides of the EU referendum debate - Remain and Leave. I went into this referendum with an impartial mind, completely non bias and looking for an answer. Since taking every single point into consideration, for me it's a no brainer, I will be voting for Great Britain to leave the European Union. I will be voting 'leave' because the £350 million we give to the EU each week could be spent so much better. Imagine putting that money to good use within out NHS? Imagine the amount of research it could fund? Research to find cures for illnesses. The 'Vote Leave' campaign say that that sum of money could build the UK 10 brand new schools, recruit 8,000 police officers, build a brand new fully equipped hospital - Each week! The 'Vote Leave' campaign have also stated how the United Kingdom send 60 times more money to Brussels (EU HQ) than we spend on our NHS Cancer Drugs Fund. Surely helping improve and cure cancer patients' lives is a much more important, certainly a lot more important then sending money to Brussels? Would you agree? Surely cancer drugs and helping the NHS thrive again would be money better spent? "Also, we as a country have NO trade deals with our key allies, Australia, New Zealand or the USA or important growing economies such as India, China or Brazil - If OUR country wanted to set up a trade deal with one of those 6 countries, we'd have to wait for 27 other other countries to agree it." (Taken from Vote Leave leaflet). Without the EU we can negotiate our own trade deals without being dictated to by 27 other countries, countries who have a much lesser employment rate in fact - the Eurozone have 10.3% unemployment while we only have 5% - do you want that to increase? Do you want your future sons, daughters and grandchildren to be unemployed or struggling to get a job? I didn't think so. It's rumoured that by 2020, the UK will have to scrap our own Great British currency and adopt the Euro, the broken Euro. Another point I'd like to make is Immigration - our country has to accept and allow masses of migrants into our small and tiny island. Migration is a good thing and can help us thrive, I'm not saying there should be zero migration but I think it should be limited on a skills basis. Nigel Farage has been hoping for an Austrailian Style points system for years - this is where we would let people in on a basis of skills, criminal record, education and also, if they can speak English. This isn't bad or discriminative, it's just fair on our country and our country's future. If we limit migration, our country will have more opportunities for those of us born and bred in the UK, it would also only allow people whom would help our country to thrive to enter, which isn't a bad thing, is it?

I understand that there would/could potentially be some struggles if we were to leave the European Union, but I feel as though Great Britain could and can cope with a year or two of recession, we've done it before and we got through it, so let's do it again so that we can have independence and bright future? You can't have a rainbow without rain.. so let's go through a rainy year or two so we can get our country back, so that our future's can be brighter, so that we can rip of the chains that the EU have bound us with.

I'm not trying to influence your vote and I'm not trying to start a massive debate. I have nothing against anybody whom will be voting 'Remain' on June 23rd and I don't expect any of you to have a problem with me for choosing to vote 'Leave' - we are all entitled to an opinion and this was just my opinion. I hope you enjoyed reading my first political article. Let me know what you thought in the comments below. (NO DEBATES OR HATE IN THE COMMENTS PLEASE).



  1. Some really good points. Well thought out rationale for voting leave. Thanks for posting.

  2. You ate 18, wait 20 years or so before deciding about What you yet can not understand.

    1. I don't quite understand this comment but from what I can gather; you're telling me I shouldn't vote unless I understand the situation properly? Well, along with thousands of other leave supporters and voters, I do know and understand the situation. I also believe that the voting age should be dropped to 16.


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