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Being a blogger can be difficult to say the least. Lots of people believe it to be an easy route into the world of social media and journalism, but blogging can be time consuming, confusing and full on. It's crucial to stay organised when blogging as it can get confusing as to when blog posts are scheduled, photos that need taking, emails you need to reply to and so much more. In this post I will be sharing my top tips with you all on how I stay on top of things whilst blogging...

1. Write it down

Writing everything down is a must. It's important to keep check of everything that you need to accomplish. I like to have a working list which I can add to constantly, so that my to-do list is in the order in which it needs to be completed. I love to use my personalised Chroma Stationary notebook* to keep track of all my tasks. Chroma's notebooks are of a really high quality and look so professional, they retail at £8.50 each and they include free personalisation too.

2. Schedule blog posts

Scheduling articles is a good way to keep track of which posts are going live and when, especially if something needs to go live before something else. I used to have set times and days I would publish blog posts but it didn't work for me personally, I prefer to upload at spontaneous times instead of sticking to a fixed timetable. I adore scheduling posts, however, as it allows me to keep track of scheduled tweets, Facebook posts and when I need to upload an Instagram image also.

3. Reply to emails on the same day

My blog has been online for almost 3 years which means it is becoming rather established, this means I receive a large amount of emails each day. It can be difficult to keep up with emails but I find the best way to cope with the high influx of emails is to sit down every evening with a nice cuppa tea and answer them all. It's polite to answer within 24 - 48 answers (unless unforeseen circumstances), if you're on holiday be sure to set an automated reply explain how you'll respond by *insert date here*.

4. Have one day per week dedicated to photography

Usually at the weekend I will sit down with my camera and everything I need to take photographs of and just click away. It can be difficult to find suitable backgrounds for each product/object to be photographed upon so I will usually spend an hour prior to taking images choosing and setting up suitable backgrounds - it's hard work and can be very time consuming but when blogging, photography is everything.

5. Quality not quantity

When blogging it's important to remember that content is everything. Content is what makes your blog, YOUR blog. I like to keep my blog open to a wide range and variety of topics and I tend to cover everything and anything on here from beauty to bullying and fashion to politics - I like my audience to be broad and wide, open to any gender, race and age. I feel as though uploading one to two blog posts per week is a substantial amount of work that can be to of a high standard and quality, for me, uploading any more than that, unless pre-written and scheduled, can lessen the quality of my content. Keep it passionate, keep it simple and keep it to a high standard.

6. Charge everything digital once per day

Batteries going flat = the bane of my life. Nothing is worse than heading out to take photos of your outfit before realising that your camera is dead - it's heartbreaking and beyond annoying. I *try* to charge everything every day, if I fail to do that, I will then resort to charging everything every other day. It's important to ensure you format your memory card, clean up your hard drive on your computer/laptop and ensure everything is charged. These are all common problems in the blogosphere. 

It can be hard to stay organised when you're a blogger, but I hope that these 6 handy tips will help you out a little. What's your top tip for staying organised when blogging, let me know below!

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  1. Completely agree with all of the above! Writing things down is so important as otherwise I forget stuff! I find scheduling posts so useful when I'm a bit short on time as well. And quality over quantity is something I'm learning, I've previously posted things I'm not 100% happy with and what's the point in that?! Great post.
    Amy xx

    1. Thank you so much Amy! I just followed you on Instagram :) Do you have Twitter? xx

  2. I am so bad at replying to emails! I also keep a note on my phone if I think of a new post idea.
    Thank you for following me, I have just followed you back!
    Amy x

    1. I am too! Keeping a note on your phone is a great idea and something I totally overlooked! I will have to try that :)

      No worries and thank you so much! Can't wait to see more posts from you Amy! :) xxx

  3. This is honestly so interesting & helpful to read. I love making my notes in a notebook & writing when I feel so inspired. I so agree on quantity, not quality. Thats the upmost important thing for my blog!

    Katie // Words by Katie

    1. Hiya Katie, thank you so much, I'm so glad it's helpful! I'm a stationary addict so writing in a notebook is such a joyous thing for me haha!

      Love your blog by the way :) - Mollie xxx


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