Memories are an important thing to me, they represent happy times and times I never want to forget. I am a massive believer in taking photos of everything that happens in my life as I am a memory hoarder - I never want to completely forget anything. I have always had an interest in scrapbooking and compiling my memories into one secure place, so when my friend, Verity, was talking about starting a scrapbook, we decided to start one each. As I may be moving area in the near or far future, it's a great idea to store all of my the memories I make with my friends and family in this gorgeous massive memory book.

It's so important to vote! No, I'm not referring to voting for your favourite act on Britain's Got Talent, I'm talking about life changing referendums and elections. Voting is a right that young and old should take full advantage of.

I have a new favourite beauty brand. I'm not just saying that either, I honestly have a new favourite beauty brand that I cannot get enough of! The Hero Project are a relatively new brand who are on a mission - I'd like to share with you their new releases. So if you have a dull complexion or are looking for a moisture boost, keep reading as you're about to discover something incredible...

Liquid Matte Lipsticks are ALL of the rage these days. Thanks to Miss Kylie Jenner, girls are going absolutely crazy for any kind of matte liquid lipstick. I desperately want one of her matte lip kits and would absolutely LOVE to own one, but they are ridiculously hard to get ahold of plus the price is a little extreme, as are the customs and shipping costs. So I have been on the hunt for a drugstore liquid matte lipstick that ticks all of my boxes. I have found three INCREDIBLE matte lippies, one of which is my ALL time fave and a total dupe for one of the Kylie Lip Kit shades, OH MAH GAWD!
Top - Primark // Trousers - Primark // Sandals - River Island // Bag - Louis Vuitton // Kimono - Primark // Jewellery - Primark
My Great Nanny would have been 100 years of age today, so myself and my mum decided to have a day dedicated to her and we decided to do all of her favourite things.. we wore pink (her favourite colour), played bingo and ate saveloy and chips! She'd have absolutely adored today! Read more to see my full outfit and to also see what we got up to...

I am so sick of seeing posts everywhere on social media that are subliminally telling girls how they should look, act and live their lives. We are human beings and we can do, be and live however the hell we want.