Beauty | Pink hues on a budget feat. Makeup Revolution and MUA (Review)


Springtime calls for a fresh face of makeup. Dewy foundation, pink lips, light eyes and highlighted cheeks. I am a massive lover of luxury makeup; MAC, Laura Geller, Tarte, Benefit etc... but sometimes my bank account isn't, this is where budget makeup brands are my saviour. 

Brands like Makeup Revolution and MUA are cheap yet SUPER affordable. I picked up 5 products from these two brand and the grand total was £10.50, which is unbelievable really. I decided to pick up a Makeup Revolution baked highlighter in the shade 'Pink Lights' and a velvet matte liquid lipstick in the shade 'I Fall in Love' - both products are of a high quality and both are of a gorgeous pinky hue, which is perfect for spring. From MUA I picked up 3 products, a baked trio of eyeshadows in the shade 'Pink Sorbet', a light pink creamy lipstick in the shade 'Flamingo' and a nudey pink lip liner in the shade 'Softly Lined'. MUA and Makeup Revolution are great brands if you're on a budget and not looking to spend £20-£50 on one makeup product. I recommend these brands a lot.

Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in the shade 'Pink Lights'

This highlighter is gorgeous. It's a pinky/purple highly pigmented highlighter that works amazingly well with bright or light pink lips. The glittery pigments in this highlighter are to die for. I absolutely adore shimmery highlighters, as I think that ensure I achieve a super dewy spring-like finish, and when the sun shines, they look even more gorgeous. This baked highlighter was £3 and is absolutely incredible; I totally recommend it.

Makeup Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquer in the shade 'I Fall in Love'

This liquid lipstick is absolutely incredible. Highly pigmented and dries within a few minutes. This product does have a slight flaw - after an hour or so, it will dry out your lips so much that the lipstick will form into a powdery formula and start wearing off. BUT I think I have a solution. Once the lipstick has dried after application, add some lip balm over the top to seal in the lipstick, it may be defeating the object of a velvet lipstick, but at least it will last a lot longer.

MUA Baked eyeshadow trio in the shade 'Pink Sorbet'

This mini eyeshadow palette comprises of a trio of baked shadows. MUA include three eyeshadows so that you can use the mid shade for blending and shadow, the light shade for highlighting and the dark shade for defining. I am a massive fan of baked eyeshadows, I adore Laura Geller's baked trio of eyeshadows from her Roman Holiday makeup collection, so this budget find, is perfect for any lover of baked makeup, who can't necessarily afford pricier brands. I do suggest wearing a primer with these eyeshadows as they can crease after long wear.

MUA Matte Lipstick in the shade 'Flamingo'

This MUA matte lipstick is cheap as chips. For a mere £1, you just can't go wrong. I adore wearing lipstick so when I can pick up a lipstick for just £1, I am overjoyed! The shade is a gorgeous baby pink, which is super light and pigmented. There is a slight flaw - it can make you look as though you have those dreaded 'foundation lips' and also, the coverage isn't even. But then again, what do you expect for £1? I do recommend this to anyone looking for a specific shade as the price is incredible, but the product itself isn't that great, it'd be better if it wasn't SO matte.

MUA intense colour lip liner in the shade 'Softly Lined'

A great lip liner for anyone who is looking for a nudey/pink liner. Soft formula, easy application, great pigment and subtle enough to wear alone. I highly recommend this lip liner as it's a great liner, the pigmentation is fabulous, the colour is lovely and it's great for spring.

From L-R: Makeup Revolution Highlighter, Trio of MUA Shadows, Makeup Rev Liquid Lipstick, MUA Liner and MUA Lipstick

These products are great for Spring. Of course they have their downfalls, but for the price you don't really expect an Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipstick or a baked trio of Laura Geller eyeshadows. These drugstore products are perfect for any pink hue lover and I totally recommend them to anyone looking for some budget buys.

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  1. Such gorgeous products! I need them all haha. Btw followed you back! :) xx


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  2. Love this - thanks for the product review! What would you say is the lasting-power of Makeup Revolution or MUA vs. more high-end brands?

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  3. Those colors are just perfect for spring!!


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