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Amelia Moss is a skincare brand who specialise in luxurious and 100% natural ingredients. My skin has improved dramatically since using products by Amelia Moss and I just HAVE to share my experience with all of you, you will fall in love with Amelia Moss, just like I have..

I have suffered with uneven skin tone and texture for around 3 years now, my foundation never used to sit correctly on my skin, which was incredibly annoying as my forehead would look blotchy and uneven. I also suffer with bouts of acne and blemished skin, which is unpleasant and unattractive, but since using Amelia Moss products, my skin has changed for the better and I am hoping that it will stay as it is.

I received Amelia Moss' Rosehip Oil*, Rose Water* and Jojoba Oil*. All three products are highly luxurious and have transformed my skin into something I adore. It's SO strange having clear skin, it's almost alien to me.

Rosehip Oil

Amelia Moss' Rosehip Oil is a luxurious and opulent skincare aid that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars, UV damage and redness. This oil has no scent and is of an orangey colour. Rosehip Oil also promotes healing, which is perfect if you have spot-prone skin, as it can speed up the recovery of each spot/pimple/acne scar. I use Rosehip Oil at night after I have removed my makeup and cleansed my face. I will usually leave it on for 3 hours or overnight. Rosehip Oil is AMAZING at banishing dark under eye circles and fine lines.

After I remove my makeup using sensitive skin wipes from Johnson's or Simple, I will then cleanse my skin with the Rose Water before applying an intensive treatment that comprises of 2 drops of the Rosehip Oil. I will leave the Rosehip Oil on my skin for around 3 hours, so I am sure that it's sunken into my pores. 

Rose Water

Amelia Moss' Rose Water is absolutely flawless. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-redness properties, which means that this toning cleanser is perfect for blemish prone skin. I also have found that it mattifies my skin too. The fragrance of this incredible water is absolutely divine as are the outcomes from using Rose Water. Rose Water is known for tightening blocked pores, plumping out the complexion, healing any damaged skin and maintaining a healthy pH balance.

Jojoba Oil

The Jojoba Oil that I received is absolutely incredible. I heard from Wayne Goss, makeup artist extraordinaire, that by adding 1-2 drops of Jojoba Oil to your liquid or solid foundation, it will ensure that you achieve the most incredible dewy glow to your skin. I have always had trouble with achieving an even finish with any foundation that I have ever used, whether it be luxury or drugstore, but with my holy grail product, Jojoba Oil, my foundation is always flawless and ever so dreamy. Jojoba Oil also acts like a pore cleanser, which is great for blackheads, blocked pores or spot prone skin.

I highly recommend all products mentioned in this blog post. Each product is incredible and I have honestly seen results in such a short space of time and I will definitely continue using this products for the foreseeable future. As somebody who always steered away from face products that contained any form of oil, I am in love with facial oils.

If you have oily skin, acne prone skin or just t-zone spot prone skin like myself, please DO try using a facial oil. WHY? Well, when your face (skin) produces oil, it's because it's actually dehydrated from the natural oils that the skin on your face is supposed to produce, this causes spots, acne, excess oil and blemishes. When you then add an opulent and luxurious oil to your skin, your skin will soak it up and therefore stop producing excess oil which means your spots, acne and blemishes will disappear or at least clear up A LOT!

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1 comment

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