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I was contacted by the amazing people at KOKO Couture a few weeks back. They wanted to know whether or not I would like to review their new hair extensions, at first I was a little dubious, but I decided to take the plunge and I am so overjoyed that I did; here's what I thought of them...

KOKO Couture are a brand that specialise in all things girly; clothing, bags, shoes and hair extensions. Their brand is loved by many bloggers, celebrities and YouTubers. Their customers include an array of reality stars who are highly prominent on social media, therefore, they are massive influencers within the world of teens and young adults.

I was lucky enough to receive two sets of their hair extensions; Lena* and Envy*. The Lena hair extensions are curly while the Envy (pictured in this post) are straight. Just for your information, I will be featuring the curly hair extensions in an outfit post in the next couple of weeks when I model my gorgeous Rita and Phil skirt. 

The hair extensions are 3 weft, which means their are 3 layers/sections that need to be clipped onto your hair. Their are 3 size wefts within the set; a 3 clip weft, 4 clip weft and 5 clip weft. If you click on the video below, you can see a full tutorial which has been ever-so-slightly sped up (but hardly). Putting in these hair extensions is super easy, I can do it in around 5 minutes, if that.

The hair extensions are of a synthetic material and are heat resistant up to a heat of 180 degrees. The hair extensions weigh a massive 230 grams, which is super weighty, but don't worry, they don't weigh down your head, feel uncomfortable or pull on your scalp, they simply sit there securely and you barely know that they are there. 

As you can see in the before and after picture above, my hair looks so much more volumised, luscious and full when I have KOKO Couture's 3 weft Envy straight hair extensions in 'Chocolate Brown' - which matches to my natural hair colour perfectly.

KOKO Couture's hair extensions make me feel more beautiful, confident and so much more feminine too. I highly recommend their Envy (Straight) or Lena (Curly) hair extensions to anybody looking for more volumised, lengthy or weighty hair. These hair extensions are perfect for a special occasion or everyday wear, they are versatile, luscious and I AM IN LOVE!

Keep an eye on here for a new post coming real soon featuring their Lena (Curly) hair extensions, as they are equally as gorgeous and I cannot wait to show them to you.

Be sure to check out KOKO Couture and all of their products; I highly recommend their Lena or Envy hair extensions, be sure to have a look!

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