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Cheerz are a new and innovative photo-printing company, want to find out more? Keep on reading..

I was contacted by the fabulous people at Cheerz a few weeks ago and they asked me whether I'd like to try one of their products, to review and to let you, my valued reader, know my opinions on them and their amazing products. I was asked to choose from all of their products and I instantly fell in love with their "Big Fat Box" which retails from £21.95 for 75 photographs and you can add up to 200 photographs but the price will increase, so ensure you keep your eye on the price! There's a discount code a little way down the page, especially for you!

I then logged onto Cheerz via my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I then chose some images from my Facebook account, Instagram account and also from my Desktop too. I picked many images, indeed. The majority were from previous fashion blog posts, flowers, my cat and pics of me and my mum too! I wanted a nice variety of images so that when I decorate my new bedroom, they will all match perfectly with the décor that I desire. The whole process of picking images and writing captions did take a little longer than I would have liked (creating a specific folder full of the images from my desktop would have been easier) but the end result was WELL worth it; Shiny, glossy images that are of a high quality and look ever so retro. I AM IN LOVE with my Big Fat Box of memories! I'd love to do this once per year, as a kind of 'memory lane' activity, so that each year I compile a new box of memories that I can keep forever and ever. Printing images is not dead, the modern technology hasn't yet taken that away from us, only enabled us to do such a thing with the help of Cheerz. I can't recommend them enough, I am in love with them, I really am.

I also have something SUPER exciting for you all! You ALL have a generous £4 off of anything from  the Cheerz website or app, just in time for Christmas!!! There's a minimum of £8 to spend but that means you technically get free shipping and only have to pay a minimum of £4!

If you're not 100% sure on Cheerz and don't feel like ordering an entire box full of pics, maybe their Photo Booth Strips would suit you a little more? Their Photo Booth Strips are from £6.45, so super affordable and they make the PERFECT Christmas gift for ABSOLUTELY ANYBODY!!! The delivery is super, super fast and arrives perfectly packaged, complete with a christmas tag, if you decide to gift it off to a loved one, which I highly recommend!


Enter the code at the checkout to receive £4 off of your order, just in time for Christmas!

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