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 Jord Wood Watches.. discover more than just a timepiece…

Jord - (Swedish) - Earth, Soil, Land

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Jord all the way in St. Louis in the USA. They asked me if I would take one of their fabulous wood watches off of their hands (see what I did there?) - It was an offer so good that I just couldn't turn it down. Jord Wood Watches are sustainable, efficient and simple but the effect they give off when worn on your wrist is far from simple. When wearing a Jord Wood Watch you feel chic and unique. They're 100% Natural Wood so they're good for the environment too. 

The neutral colours in which they provide compliment every colour imaginable, these watches are investments that can be worn every day without fail. A fashionistas worst nightmare is when you have to match the colour of your watch with your bag but thanks to Jord and their natural timepieces, you can wear their watches with your entire wardrobe and it adds a touch of simple chic to any and every outfit!

The packaging of Jord Watches is sublime. A wooden box complete with a cushion for your watch and a cute little engraved tag hanging from a link. A well packaged watch makes all of the difference!

I cannot wait to style this fabulous timepiece up with a cute dress, shoes and handbag. I know that my Louis Vuitton Speedy's will look incredibly chic teamed with my Ely watch by Jord! The shipping is unbelievably fast and they also give you a tracking number so you can track your watch from St. Louis through Chicago, New York and then London before the postman is standing at your door holding a neat little box!

Head over to Jord's website and have a browse, you won't regret it!

The watch I chose was their Ely Series Wood Watch in Natural Green & Maple. They retail at $129 (£82.04)*

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1 comment

  1. I think that this watch is so cute! I have one in maple :)

    Sarah |


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