[This post contains a gifted dress from Junarose]

My blog is my hobby. I wouldn't ever want to blog as a full-time job, but I would always keep it as a back up plan for sure. But for me, blogging is a hobby, and tool I'm using to gain experience and use as a portfolio for my journalism career.

 [The jewellery featured in this post was kindly gifted by Muru]

I am a highly spiritual person, so when Muru Jewellery contacted me and asked if I'd like to receive some of their spiritual talisman jewellery pieces... I just had to say "yes"!

I was invited to try Bill's Summer 2019 menu and oh boy is it delicious! From Paprika Chicken to Strawberry Dusted Donuts, Frozen Watermelon & Tequila cocktails and Mango Eaton Mess – there's something for everybody.

[This post contains a gifted dress]

Although I'm always saying how much I love my curves, it's very much an ongoing process that doesn't end as soon as I say it. I have days where I'll look in the mirror and think "ugh". I'll look at my belly rolls, my cellulite, my chunky thighs, my saggy boobs, or my chubby arms and just think "girl, you're so ugly" – but then I try to snap out of it. I was having a great body image day the other week though.. and I reckon it's all because of this dress..

[This post contains a gifted bag and dress from Debenhams]

Fast fashion is something that I'm not keen on, I much prefer having investment pieces hanging in my closet. When buying any item of clothing I make sure that I love it... like really love it. And if I'm ever gifted clothing by a brand I will always choose something that I would personally buy. I don't see the point in buying or receiving clothes that you don't like? It's not good for you or for the environment.